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Our websites are created to generate you more leads and sales. They are beautiful, work perfectly, and focus entirely on the user experience and driving traffic from search engines.

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Brilliantly performing websites are a result of a well developed creative strategy that feeds your websites content, aesthetic as well as tying together all your marketing exploits.

Speak to 100 digital marketing agencies about their web design process, 99 of them will approach it the same way. That’s not Hedgehog...

We’re the 1% who appreciate that no two websites are the same and no two businesses have identical goals.

We think differently. Stunning visuals should be a given, but squeezing every opportunity out of your website isn’t. With a long track record of success and a reputation we’re proud of, we’re ready to rally for your cause...

Since 2009, we’ve been fine tuning our web design process to ensure we deliver the perfect solution.

We’ve designed websites for marketing leading brands, through to SME’s and small start-ups.

Every web design project is different, our web designers put design, storytelling, conversions and user experience at the heart of every decision we make.

Our focus remains fixed on your business goals and objectives by pouring our SEO expertise into the structure of the site.

Don’t worry about the look and feel of your website because it’s guaranteed to look incredible.

At the heart of our web design is user experience, storytelling, conversions and creating a website that drives growth, focuses on business objectives and connects with your audience.

Most importantly, our SEO expertise is built into the heart of your website giving you a head start when it comes to driving traffic from the search engines.

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How we do web design

Creating or redesigning a website is a challenging task. For most businesses, their website is the hub of their marketing. The central point from which they can communicate with their audience. So it's critical to get it right.


We begin each project with an in-depth discovery phase. Whether your company is evolving or entering a new sector, we clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your customers and define the goals. The result of the discovery phase is a comprehensive plan for your website.


Positioning is the heart of a business. It defines what the brand is, its benefits and competitive advantages, and what it means to the target audience. In short, brand positioning establishes an emotional connection with your customers. It’s how you want your company to be perceived in the minds of your customers and among your competitors.

Audience Profiling

We segment your different customer types and create customer profiles that represent your brand’s target markets. Then we map out scenarios in which those customers might interact with your business. Defining interactions helps us predict pain points and provides insight into functionality and customer behaviour.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is a valuable tool for realising your customer's needs and potential for growth. By examining the behaviours, motivations, and frustrations of specific groups within a target market, we can identify unfulfilled needs and turn them into competitive advantages.

Brand Attributes

Brand attributes are characteristics that describe the qualities of your brand. They reveal its personality, functionality, and physical traits through imagery, language, actions, and assumptions. Attributes are what allow us to identify brands.

Competitive Audit

A thorough competitive analysis is critical for any evolving or emerging business. This process identifies the strengths and weaknesses in a brand’s competitive landscape, allowing your company to better understand the market, target customers more effectively, and make intelligent decisions about how to grow your business.
Wireframe & Architecture

How users interact with and behave on the website, visualised in frames to understand how the site will work across multiple devices.

Combined with the visual representation is the architecture. This is essentially a map of how the website knits together in a way that is easy for the user and in harmony with the search engines.
Design & Aesthetics

The fun part our customers always enjoy is when our design team start the design process with visual ideas and a direction for the web design. This is normally in the form of style tiles, working with colours, branding and layouts to confirm the direction fits perfectly with the brief.

The project moves from our design team to our development team, who turn the visual designs into a functioning website.

When complete and tested, we turn the website live, we call this the launchpad phase.

Monitor and Analyse

With the new web design live, we now monitor how the website is used.

With a launch pad site live and collecting user data, we can start identifying the high-impact actions you can take to grow your business.
Continuous Improvement

Peak performing websites are not built and forgotten. Optimal performance comes through data-driven optimisation because refinement is where performance is achieved.

Learning what works (and what doesn’t work) will help inform the ideas to continually improve the website.

We don’t view search engine optimisation as an afterthought. From day one our team ensure that each page they are
working on has been optimised for search, so that you can be found on search engines.

We build fast and light then delve in to testing, analysing and learning. That way we can build on features guided by the facts rather than hunches.