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Everyone knows someone that makes websites. Go on try it, share a post on Facebook asking for website designers and see how many respond.

We wouldn’t respond because we wouldn’t be on Facebook, we wouldn’t say yes either - we would say why.


We start with why because others don’t, they cut straight to design to indulge themselves in back-patting and deep conversations about typefaces - rather than investigating the real business opportunity.

We believe by taking a step back and uncovering everything about your business we can best reflect it online.

brand first,build fast.

Brilliantly performing websites are a result of a well developed creative strategy that feeds your websites content, aesthetic as well as tying together all your marketing exploits.

Once we nail that, either through a repositioning or refreshing what you have, we build.

cultivating content.

We build fast and light then delve in to testing, analysing and learning. That way we can build on features guided by the facts rather than hunches.

can you juggle?

We can. We have to in order to create both beautiful and business benefitting websites and by involving creative strategists, copywriters, designers and developers in to the melting pot we create effective websites that enhance business.

growth driven design

Growth Driven Website Design is a completely new approach and way of thinking about building and growing your website. Rather than the ‘Design and Develop’ way of creating a website, this smart approach creates a peak-performing website by using your audience to drive your project. Results are quicker and it produces results.

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traditional, project based website design

Project based web design is ideal for your business when your website should be the anchor and support for your overall business goals and you can afford more time to the project upfront. Your website should not only look great, but also perform well, no matter what device your visitor is using.

speak to 100 digital marketing agencies

about their web design process, 99 of them will approach it the same way. That's not Hedgehog..

We’re the 1% who appreciate that no two websites are the same and no two businesses have identical goals.

We think differently. Stunning visuals should be a given, but squeezing every opportunity out of your website isn’t. With a long track record of success and a reputation we’re proud of, we’re ready to to rally for your cause..

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