Generating new business
for you online.

We put your business in front of the people who are searching for your products and services when they need you the most.

For our clients, generating enquiries or selling products online represents their main business generator.

In fact, most of the firms we work with depend on web-based enquiries or product sales.

This is our area of expertise; connecting you with your customers at the exact moment they are searching for your product or service.

Any time someone types something into Google they have search intent. To engage, to act, to buy or to book. 

There is power in identifying your customers’ search intent. At Hedgehog, we think it’s the most important part of the customer journey. 

Recently at Hedgehog...

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Enquiry and sales generation in a technical industry

A fast-tracked lead generation strategy with SEO.

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Industrial Calibration is a company that calibrates the equipment, that calibrates equipment!

How a simple, creative campaign idea can gain global coverage

How we generated hundreds of backlinks and mentions for a football equipment website.

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Keeping up with the beautiful game

Scope: SEO, web design, content, Digital marketing

One of the leading football review sites in the world since 2006, our work with Footy-Boots is a challenge and a pleasure, where we push the boundaries of digital marketing. From product reviews and player interviews to producing top quality images of the latest products and cutting edge football technology. We’re always looking at different ways to make Footy-Boots lead the way in this exciting digital playground.

Achieving a 'hard-hitting' 170% sales increase for a boxing heavyweight

How we increased direct sales in a competitive eCommerce sector.

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How we achieved a 'hard-hitting' 170% sales increase for a boxing heavyweight

Scope: SEO, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Content, Video

They came to us as a boxing product distributor. They have become champions of Cleto Reyes, the “punchers glove”. One of the heavyweight suppliers in world boxing, WBCME are well established as a distributor to the boxing trade, but wanted to develop a consumer sales channel.

By re-focussing their strategy and structure to promote their exclusive rights to Cleto Reyes boxing equipment and and WBC merch in Europe, we gave WBCME (and the people) exactly what they wanted. An effective platform and strategy to get their products in front of the people who wanted them.

What do our clients say?

We engaged with Hedgehog to drive sales enquiries for our sales team. After three months, digital enquiries were our main source of new business. We're now working with Hedgehog across all our product groups and our sales funnel is constantly full.

 Steven Wilkins - Moore IS

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