Hedgehog is a marketing agency that specialises in driving business online.

We use our expertise to connect our clients with their customers, when those customers are searching for their products or services. The company started in 2009 in a third floor storage room of a florist. 

Today, Hedgehog works with customers around the world and is still 100% founder-owned. We’re headquartered in Cornwall with additional offices in Bedford and Sao Påulo.

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Other agencies do 'what' we do. They have a similar 'what' and 'how', but our clients partner with us for our 'why' and our 'who'.

We're a team obsessed with generating business for our clients. We find ways to connect you with your audience when they are looking for your products or services.

This motive drives everything we do.

2002, complete with chunky laptop and even a fax machine in the background.
The Founder Story

In 2002, Alan Spurgeon started an email marketing agency called TwelveHorses.

Their focus was on technology, working with corporate clients such as LA Fitness, Reed, Schroders and Tesco’s. As a technology provider, input into the campaign strategies was minimal. So Alan quenched his creative thirst by creating a web design and SEO agency side project. By 2009, with a small customer base, he founded Hedgehog.

Hedgehog grew by providing forward thinking local businesses a route into digital. Working within the SME sector felt natural to Alan, who took his first entrepreneurial step aged 12, running local disco’s for school children. Working with SMEs gave him the freedom to explore his creativity and use his expertise with digital.

More recently...

In 2016, Hedgehog opened a second office in Hayle, Cornwall. A year later, Hedgehog’s third base was established. This time in Sao Paulo Brazil, home of Hedgehog’s SEO guru, Felipe Bazon.

No longer a web design and SEO agency, Hedgehog specialise in driving business online, be it with SEO, content or a website, with a laser focused approach.

Today more than ever, Hedgehog uses its decades of experience and expertise to help businesses drive business online.

2019, our Brazilian contingent are now a permanent fixture in our Cornwall office.
It's easier to make decisions when you know what your values are:

It’s all about people. We know when to get our heads down and when to work as a team. We always work collaboratively with our clients, results are better that way.


We’re commercially minded and communicate opportunities when we spot them. Businesses adapt, especially in our industry, so we have an agile attitude which helps us keep progressing and driving forward.


We believe in being honest, open and direct. It helps us to achieve great things more efficiently and build partnerships with our customers and colleagues.


There is a reason behind everything we do. From strategy to passion, it’s all driven by motive. Everything we create has a purpose, an objective. It’s what drives us.

The Team at Hedgehog













Why the name?

We often get asked “Why Hedgehog?”

Legend has it that many moons ago, in the longest, coldest winter ever known, many animals were dying off due to the extreme conditions. The Hedgehogs saw what was happening and decided to get together, to keep each other warm with their body heat. This worked, but they found as they grew, their quills made it uncomfortable for each other. They knew they needed to be close to survive the severe cold, so they got together to work out what they could do about the situation. They decided to each have a little space, so they could all grow and still benefit from each others body heat. The Hedgehog’s triumphed and saw out the winter.

The legend inspired us, with values we believe in. We’re a strong team that thinks ahead, plans and prepares but we don’t hold back from being individual.

Hedgehog numbers in the UK are declining rapidly, find out how you can help.