Hedgehog is a marketing agency that specialises in driving business online.

We use our expertise to connect our clients with their customers, when those customers are searching for their products or services.
Our headquarters are in Cornwall supported by hubs in Bedford and São Paulo.

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It's easier to make decisions when you know what your values are:

Our 'array' of Hedgehogs

Dispelling the myth that hedgehogs are solitary creatures who only come together to mate.

The Hedgehog Backstory

In 2002, Alan Spurgeon started an email marketing agency called TwelveHorses. Their focus was on technology, working with corporate clients such as LA Fitness, Reed, Schroders and Tesco’s. As a technology provider, input into the campaign strategies was minimal. So Alan quenched his creative thirst by creating a web design and SEO agency side project. By 2009, with a small customer base, he founded Hedgehog.

Hedgehog grew by providing forward thinking local businesses a route into digital. Working within the SME sector felt natural to Alan, who took his first entrepreneurial step aged 12, running local disco’s for school children. Working with SMEs gave him the freedom to explore his creativity and use his expertise with digital.


What our clients have to say

"We have been using Hedgehog for all our website design and hosting for nearly ten years. Our latest site finished this week has just gone live and it is excellent. These guys are so easy to work with and the results are excellent. Would definitely recommend them. We give out their details frequently as a recommendation."

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