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We build effective, results-driven websites that relate to your audience.

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Stunning visuals should be a given, but squeezing every opportunity out of your website isn’t.

With a track record of top class web design in Bedford since 2009, we’ve built a reputation we’re proud of; we’re ready to rally for your cause.

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Experience counts

We’ve been fine tuning our web design process to ensure we deliver the perfect solution.

We’ve designed websites for marketing leading brands, through to SME’s and local Bedford based businesses.

Every web design project is different, our web designers put design, storytelling, conversions and user experience at the heart of everything we create.

Our focus remains fixed on your business goals and objectives by pouring our SEO expertise into the structure of the site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, after the completion of your project, you will own the rights to your website source code and to any content.
Yes, you will be provided with a Content Management System (CMS) after the completion of your project so that you can make changes and edits where necessary on an ongoing basis.
Yes, we provide hosting services. We review what is required for your website and then discuss the options with you. If you have specific hosting requirements, please discuss them with your Account Manager.
Following the completion of your projection, you will be offered an optional maintenance contract. This will act as a warranty for any future changes to technology or to assist you if you wish to make changes to the website in the future.
It’s difficult to provide a figure for costing a web design until you know precisely what is required. Typically, a web design project should always include the following: Planning: Project management, meeting to share information, consultation and advice. Research: Definition of objectives, details on your audience, content and the strategy Design: Stylescapes, designs and iterations Build: Development and coding Content Support: Content structure, copywriting, photography, illustrations and video SEO: How does the site align with basic search engine guidelines Handover: Training and website access Testing and Launch: Multi-browser testing, hosting setup and go-live Maintenance: Ongoing support, review and continuous updates Beyond the basics listed, other things that should be considered are in-depth SEO, additional functionality such as eCommerce, enquiry generation, calendars etc. We start every project with a discovery process. This helps you understand what you require for your website to achieve your goals. At this stage, a website can be costed. With a well-planned project, we can be very specific about how long it takes to build a website. However, before a proper discovery process, the answer is it depends. Below are some examples that impact the length of a web design project. Content The most common delay for a website launch is content, either supplied or created. This hurdle is often due to busy clients being able to spend the time needed to plan and organise content or approving it if we are creating the copy. Pages How quickly it a new website takes to create is also determined by how big the project it is. Larger sites generally take longer than smaller ones. The more pages a website has, the larger the project tends to be and the longer it can take. This is because each page requires additional quality assurance, Mobile Design, graphics, SEO, etc. Number of Pages Size doesn’t always matter, though. For example, a 5-page website may take a long time to develop, if each page has functionality that needs detailed coding. The design is also essential to consider. For instance, if each page needs a unique design, perhaps with illustrations, this requires time. Number of people involved The timing of a website project increases with each person involved in the process. Web design is very subjective, so when multiple people are involved, this can lead to lots of changes and discussions to find a mutually agreed decision. Conclusion When it comes to being efficient with web design, it pays to focus on the brief and the discovery process. Getting crystal clear on brief and providing insight during the discovery process helps define the scope of your website project and ensures the entire project runs smoothly.
Hedgehog was founded in 2009 providing web development and design in the Bedford area. We now work throughout the UK an also various countries in Europe and South America.
It will depend on your project. The time it takes to create a website varies depending on the complexity of the project and the functionality that you need. We offer free consultations to discuss your brief, after which we can give you a firm project plan, including time estimates.
Our team of web experts adopt a mobile-first approach when building websites. This means the website is designed for mobile-first, then we create your website for desktop viewing.
Hedgehog considers SEO at the core of everything we do. So your website will be built with SEO front of mind. Read more about our SEO services..
Yes. We can provide professional photography or use stock photography.
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