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Generate leads online for your Cleaning Business

In these fast-changing times, generating qualified leads for your cleaning business has never been so important.

We use our 11 years of experience working with cleaning businesses to create SEO Strategies, so you reach your target audience and convert traffic to sales.

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SEO to put your cleaning business in front of the right people at the right time.


Connect with the type of clients you service, in the regions you cover.


Measure the performance against your specific business goals and objectives.

We know that in the cleaning industry generating new enquiries is essential to your business.

With over a decade of experience helping clients in the cleaning industry with their SEO, we understand what works in the sector, and what doesn’t.

We develop bespoke SEO strategies that directly relate to the needs of your clients. You’ll be found more often in the search engines and generate more qualified customer enquiries.

The SEO strategy will put your website in front of your prospects, at the exact moment that they are looking for a cleaning service.

When your customers make a search for cleaning services, they’re reaching out for help with a particular problem. With a solid SEO strategy, these searchers will see your business service solutions ahead of your competitors.

And, you’ll be there to offer those potential clients your solution to their problem.

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"We now generate regular enquiries from clients that are a great fit for our cleaning business."

We worked with SOR Clean to develop a website which accurately represented the business’s established reputation while speaking directly to each of their target consumers

- Sean, SOR Clean

A snapshot of how we work with you:

We combine competitive research, data and your valuable knowledge of your specific sports audience to establish the best strategy for your business.
What is your audience trying to achieve? How does their search behaviour relate to your business? What problems do they need solving? By answering questions like these, we understand how your website can be discoverable through search engine journeys using search intent, and how your content can provide the most useful and relevant solutions for audiences.
Copy that responds to your audiences needs. Rich, knowledgeable and unique content that helps drive business.Content is vital for SEO but also helps to speak to your customers across the entire purchasing journey.
We understand that SEO is just the medium, return on investment is the main objective. So whilst we will use a number of measurement indicators, we understand that revenue is the one that matters.

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Hedgehog is a specialist SEO agency for the Cleaning Industry. With over a decade of experience delivering SEO campaigns that deliver results and grow businesses.

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Why choose Hedgehog?

We focus first on solving the needs of your potential clients, the search engine rankings follow. This may sound odd, but search engines are smart, they want to provide the right result to the person making the query. So, we make it easy for them.

Also, once the visitor arrives on your website, they are more likely to be a relevant prospect because we are solving their problem.

Our SEO services are completely transparent. When you work with us, you’ll get continuous access to our real-time reporting platform so that you can always track the performance of your SEO programme.

If you want to dip your toe in first, we also offer scalable services. You may want to start small and slowly expand, as the positive results from SEO begin to develop growth.

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