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SEO is essential for broadening your customer base and boosting your online visibility.

We’re an SEO agency in Bristol that specialises in creative, tailored SEO strategies to increase customer sales, generate valuable leads, and enhance brand visibility.

Search engine results tell people what to do, where to go, and what to buy. If you're not visible enough on results pages, you're won’t be considered, but your competitors will. That needs to change!

With the expertise and support of our SEO specialists, we'll enhance your online visibility so customers can find you exactly when they need your products or services.

Whether your customers use web browsers or mobile devices to search, we'll ensure you aren't missing out on valuable customers.

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Be found when potential customers are searching.

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Increase customers with Bristol SEO specialists

Our team supports businesses in Bristol and its surrounding areas and allows them to find success online. Search engines are used to buy or seek information more than any other current marketing channel, consistently proving to be a vital tool for every modern industry.

SEO has swiftly become a top priority for businesses of all sizes, providing the resources and visibility required to maximise growth. Neglecting SEO or failing to implement it efficiently makes it harder for customers to find you and therefore points them in the direction of your competitors.

SEO Services In Bristol

Professional SEO services generate business

Our SEO services in Bristol offer local businesses the expertise and strategies required to thrive online. Hedgehog Digital’s dedicated, hard-working SEO team are true specialists in digital marketing and use their vast array of skills to help companies generate more business.

From keyword research to technical website audits to site migration, we take care of all your SEO needs, saving you the trouble. Time and energy are crucial for running a business successfully, which means it’s counterproductive for you to spend yours on SEO. Instead, focus on your business while we handle the SEO side of things. Don’t worry; you’re in safe hands.

Hedgehog Digital was founded in 2009, and since then, our team have consistently optimised our approach and enhanced our skills and knowledge to offer the best possible SEO services in Bristol. In doing so, we have been able to fast-track clients to page 1 of search results and ensure that they stay there.

Partnering with our SEO agency in Bristol provides you with the services, expertise, and expert guidance needed to generate more business, not just better search results. We always adopt a transparent approach with clients and develop close working relationships to understand your needs and goals better. Additionally, it means that there’s no miscommunication or fears about hidden costs, etc. Our clients trust the quality of our services and specialists and always have faith that we’ll go the extra mile to help them succeed.

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Benefits of SEO

Searches show intention. Every time someone types something into Google they have search intent. It might be to engage, to act, to buy or to book.

People are actually searching for the problem you solve or a product to buy, so you pull traffic to your business.

You do not have to push out advertisements to persuade people to buy or order.

Traffic to your website from search engine results pages is people already interested in your products or services.

The visitor is also searching at the time that they need you, so they are more likely to convert or engage with your website than someone who views an advert at a time when they are not ready to act.

Your position within search results is very important. Research shows 75% of people don’t go beyond page one of a search engine.

So, if your site isn’t ranking between positions one to ten in the search engine results pages, 75% of your potential customers aren’t seeing your content. Sorting your search engine optimisation out is how you get placed higher on the results pages.

By optimising your website for SEO, you’re also improving your user experience.

User experience is a ranking factor and an important digital marketing metric.

The search engines want to see a mobile-friendly design, a high performing website with good technical SEO, good user engagement such as time on site, low bounce rates and fast loading. All features which help improve the visitor's experience on your website.

According to Google, over 50% of shoppers research online before they buy.

Offer a service? Then you'll be interested to know that 89% of B2B buyers turn to Google to research before placing an order or enquiry.

So regardless of what your business offers, your target audience is likely searching for products or services like yours on search engines like Google.

And if you want to attract them to your site, you need search engine optimisation.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of making on-page and off-page SEO enhancements to a website to make it more attractive to search engines, improving organic search engine results and increasing relevant web traffic.

SEO techniques include keyword research, technical SEO, content marketing, link building and SEO audits.

By understanding what your audience searches for, you can make your website more relevant for those keywords by creating an SEO strategy with content, optimising performance, gaining quality links and becoming authoritative within your business sector.

Google Adwords (also known as PPC and pay-per-click) is an ad platform operated by Google that allows businesses to advertise their website in search results when a user searches for a particular keyword.

Advertisers pay to use Google Adwords for each click on their advertisements. These ads show on the top of the search engine results page, the bottom and the side.

SEO, often referred to as organic SEO, is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility and its organic traffic when people search for products or services related to your business in the search engines.

How much SEO services cost will depend on the exact services provided and the scope of the project. However, generally, the more you spend, the quicker you’ll see results.

The overall costs of your SEO service will depend on what problems and areas for improvement are identified during your discovery session and site audit.

Other factors can also influence the cost of SEO including; International, national or local SEO, competition within your sector or industry, the current technical SEO status of your website, your website's technical performance, site authority and content quality.

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