What is Email Marketing?

email iconEmail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating directly with your customers.

Email marketing offers several advantages over traditional direct mail, most notably the ability to track the progress of the campaign in real time.

What can email marketing do for you?

Email marketing can provide a variety of services that are simply not possible with more traditional mail marketing techniques.

  • track how many (and indeed which) recipients open the message
  • provide links back to your website and which recipients follow these links (known in the trade as Click-Throughs)
  • automatically remove the addresses of recipients who no longer wish to receive communications from you

At TH UK we sent over 200,000 emails on behalf of our clients during the last quarter of 2007. A little less than 13½% of the recipients opened the email, and of these a little over 13½% followed the links through to the clients’ website or landing page. Or, put another way, about 2% of recipients (or around 4,000 people) visited our clients’ websites as a direct result of the email campaigns we ran on their behalf.

What about content?

You can have pretty much anything you like in the email: regular newsletters, one off special offers, or even ad-hoc messages. Just before Christmas one of our clients even asked us to send out a change of address card, complete with a link to Google Maps to help their customers find their new offices.

At TH UK we encode your email in HTML, giving us a lot of flexibility with regard to layout and content. This enables us to produce an email that looks exactly the way you want it to, including text, images and links back to your website – all we need from you is a basic design.

Who can you send emails to?

In general explicit consent must be obtained from individuals before you can them send promotional emails, but this can be implied for people you already have a business relationship with (i.e. your existing customers) but only for the promotion of similar products or services. You must also to provide, on all promotional emails, a simply way for the recipient to exclude him/herself from future emails.

At TH UK we normally ask you to supply us with a list of emails address, sourced from your own customer base or obtained for the purpose (e.g. by asking people to fill in a contact form on your website), to which the emails will be sent. On the email we always include a link back to our own server for the recipient to unsubscribe themselves from future emails and store the address in a suppression list against which we clean all future email lists you send us.

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March 26th, 2008

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