We pick out seven design trends that we think will be the hallmark of a modern, stylish website for the next twelve months.


Mobile Friendly websites are built to look and work efficiently on a mobile phone. Websites designed for desktop PC’s and laptops are not ideal. So why bother with it? There are more mobile phones in the UK than people… 28% of internet usage is from a mobile phone… The number of smartphone searchers doubles every …read more →


On May 26th, the EU Privacy Directive begins to be enforced in the UK. We’ve developed a solution which will assist you in complying with the new ruling. How does it work? When a visitor browses to a website with our Cookie Opt-In solution for the first time, the visitor is shown a banner asking for …read more →


Web 2.0 is a growing term used amongst internet savvy people, but what does it mean?


Bing – Microsoft’s new and improved search engine named went live two days ago, well at least the beta version of it. The official launch is due to coincide with Microsoft’s Dr. Qi Lu presentation tomorrow at Search Engine Land’s Search Marketing Convention SMX Advanced in Seattle. As is still live and users can …read more →


ClikStats was developed over the Christmas period by one of our development team “Adrian Callaghan” who was looking into furthering his knowledge of his wordpress Blog. Adrian had an idea to make an SEO plugin, this allowed him to track the traffic going through his own blog to enable him to analyse what was clicked, who …read more →


Has the web been transformed? Is “” or “.com” boring? The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has decided to relax regulations on permitted Domain Names. Three years of negotiations has brought about this change in the face of the internet, so typical Domain Names (the last part of a website address) can …read more →


PHP stands for “Hypertext Pre-processor”, which is a server-side scripting language used to create dynamic Websites. PHP is an open-source language which means it is free to use and edit as you like. PHP uses a lot of its syntax from C, Java and Perl. But PHP has a lot of its own unique features, …read more →


Considering buying an eMail list to boost your in-house database? It’s a common route taken by online marketers, but it needs careful thought….

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