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£8M people in the UK use their smartphone to get online, and that number is rising.

We now spend more time than ever on our smartphones or mobiles. Over 70% of the UK population now owns such a device —smartphones have become the staple of everyday life and the on-the-go tool of choice for people catching up on their emails, tapping into their social networks or searching for a decent local cafe.

Does your business have a mobile friendly website?

If not, or if you’re not sure, you’ve come to the right place to get you going.

web design for mobiles – Bedford

You may be able to see your ‘regular’ website on a mobile phone, but that doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly.

Mobile websites are designed specifically for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind.

Mobile-friendly websites can help your business by connecting with your customers and prospects and can help drive conversions.


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