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Need a timeless tip for winning quality links without breaking Google’s quality guidelines. Read on and discover that this is the only link building technique you will ever need to master.

Build links as if Google did not exist

Number one tip, build links as if Google did not exist. Simple, isn’t it?

Link Building is actually older than SEO. One of the biggest authorities on the subject Eric Ward started building links to promote online companies like Amazon years before Google existed.

Without the need to pass “PageRank” these links had to take qualified visits to the sites. According to Eric, this type of link is of utmost importance to an SEO strategy, for the simple fact that they are built thinking of generating traffic and not “pleasing” Google.

Different types of links

Before we go hunting for these links you need to know the different types that exist. Eric Ward has organised them into three categories.

Links that help in branding

Some news portals even include the link, but use the attribute rel = nofollow, this link has no influence on the organic position of the page that receives it. But, being mentioned in a Leaf or Staging greatly increases brand recognition.

Links that help in positioning

They are those of all life, on a relevant site, of good authority, with the keyword in the anchor text and without the attribute re = nofollow.

Links that generate traffic

As the name itself says, they are links that generate visits from sites where the link was inserted.

Yes, it is possible to conquer links that help in branding; positioning and breaking generate reference traffic.

Now that you know the different types of links, let’s talk about how and where to find them.

Define Clusters and People

Just as in a content marketing project, the success of a successful link-building campaign begins with defining the clusters and personas of the target audience they are going to write to.

The takeaway here is to identify where and how your audience consumes content. It is on these sites, portals and blogs that you should try to conquer links.

Identify portals, blogs, and websites with a fair hearing

Needless to say, these portals should be relevant to your business or to your customers. Having enough audience is the same as having high volumes of access, ideally, consider all sources traffic, but I usually only look at the volumes of organic and paid accesses, as I see this already enough to define if the site has a good visitation.

To do this, I use the SEMRUSH domain analysis tool.

The link must have editorial value

Conquering links on large news portals is no easy task, but if the link has editorial value, chances of success increase. Basically, journalists should always refer to their sources, so make the link become a reference source in the content. With this, its inclusion becomes mandatory.

In the example below, as the auction would occur online the insertion of the link to the site in question complements the matter making the link has editorial value.

Review display campaigns

Analysing traffic from display campaigns is another way of identifying sites with the potential to gain links that can generate quality traffic.

It is important to emphasize that it is not enough to select the channels that generate the most hits, it is essential to analyse the engagement. For this, analyse the rejection rate, average time per visit and number of pages per visit.

Press Advisory Training

Press offices are great allies of the link building teams or at least they should be. So one of the first tasks that we perform when starting an SEO project is to provide a training for the advisory if the client has one.

This training does not have to be complex, the important thing is to highlight the importance of the link, how and where to insert it into a release and present some communication strategies for the link to be maintained in the release.

Keep calm and follow-up

Despite the training, not always the press officers will “fight” for the link. Even because it is not their obligation, what they have to do is conquer the insertion of matter in the vehicle.

It is then that the work of monitoring the mentions to the mark enters and follow up with the publications that did not insert the link. Remember to align this communication with the advice to avoid setbacks. Ensure there and the client’s endorsement so they can get in touch with the vehicles.


Forget Google when link building, focus on communicating with the target audience and the potential that a site has in generating referral traffic. By doing this you will never again have to worry about Penguins, Pandas or any other zoo animal from Google updates.


June 10th, 2017

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