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The new version of Mozilla Firefox appeared on the Mozilla server this evening. It’s a very early version and is called Minefield, signed with code 4.0a1pre. The new version is so fresh that after installation, it redirects to the site on the Mozilla server which doesn’t exist yet. The Interface is very similar to the …read more →


There is no doubting Google as the current King of search. Here in the UK, they are reported to conduct 75% of all search engine queries. Google have been the King for some time now, there search engine is still simple, clean and productive. Microsoft launched www.live.com this year, its their new search engine currently …read more →


Google hit the press again his week with the release of their new Google Trends tool. Google Labs have this week released Google Trends. Its a tool which lets you find out how many searches have been conducted for a given term. You can set the search to look back as far as 2004, with …read more →


A recent blog post at the Marketing Experiments Journal really caught my eye. The journal runs online marketing experiments, to see what works online. What I found really interesting in this experiment is they also tested the intuition of a number of marketing professionals. Here is a highlight from the article. Which subject line would …read more →