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Bing – Microsoft’s new and improved search engine named went live two days ago, well at least the beta version of it. The official launch is due to coincide with Microsoft’s Dr. Qi Lu presentation tomorrow at Search Engine Land’s Search Marketing Convention SMX Advanced in Seattle. As Live.com is still live and users can …read more →


Microsoft has revealed details of its new browsing algorithm, developed by a collaborative work between Microsoft researchers and various Asian Universities. The new browsing algorithm is called BrowseRank and it is meant to compete against Google’s controversial PageRank. BrowseRank calculates how often and how long users visit the site to determine the rankings; Microsoft believes …read more →


Considering buying an eMail list to boost your in-house database? It’s a common route taken by online marketers, but it needs careful thought….


The new version of Mozilla Firefox appeared on the Mozilla server this evening. It’s a very early version and is called Minefield, signed with code 4.0a1pre. The new version is so fresh that after installation, it redirects to the site on the Mozilla server which doesn’t exist yet. The Interface is very similar to the …read more →


We mentioned the rumors surrounding the possible competition to PayPal from Google a while back. It now looks like the rumors were correct. The San Jose Mercury News has an article discussing this. Its very interesting that they are initially going to tie this to the GoogleBase service. And it will also provide an alternative …read more →


Google are launching an online spreadsheet program today, putting Google in direct competition with Microsofts Excel. Google’s spreadsheet will allow subscribers to share spreadsheets with others online, enabling all users to view and edit the data at the same time. Google are also supporting the import and export of data from Excel and CSV formatted …read more →


Eagle eyed  people who watch who registers what domains have noticed that Google have registered (via a proxy) googlecheckout.net. Some commentators think this may be an indication that this may be Googles version of paypal Garett Rogers  at zdnet comments “I think it will be a shopping cart system to help websites accept payment for …read more →


Monday 1500 hrs GMT – 22nd May 2006, saw the launch of the domain name .mobi. The domain has been created to help the use of browsing through a wireless mobile device. The idea being that content at the .mobi domain will support mobile browsers. It also highlights the adoption of browsing through a mobile …read more →


The Wall Street Journal runs a piece today, highlighting some of the more high profile online / technology fads that have not been successful. Most cost millions to develop and market. View Article Highlights include: Flooz.com, who attempted to create a digital currency. iSmell, who wanted to improve your web experience by generating smell via …read more →


Fortune magazine has an article, which reads like a first person copy. Over to you Bill.

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