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Be found, first.

SEO puts your sports brand in front of the people searching for what you offer.

Get in front of your audience when they’re searching for your sports product, service or club in their search engine.

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Put your sports brand in front of the right people at the right time.


Connecting your audience with the right content, when they need it.


Measuring performance against your goals and business objectives.

Why SEO?

There are people actively searching online for your sports products, or brand.

What we do is ensure those customers find you, at the moment they are searching.

Being found in their time of need can turn your people into customers or members.

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"I have been very happy with the results following launch and hope to continue working with them in the future. Would highly recommend."

The work we did with the Winter Sports Company, to overhaul their SEO strategy, led to great results. Just like we knew it would.

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How Hedgehog generates revenue

Campaign Highlights

We combine competitive research, data and your valuable knowledge of your specific sports audience to establish the best strategy for your business.
What is your audience trying to achieve? How does their search behaviour relate to your business? What problems do they need solving? By answering questions like these, we understand how your website can be discoverable through search engine journeys using search intent, and how your content can provide the most useful and relevant solutions for audiences.
Copy that responds to your audiences needs. Rich, knowledgeable and unique content that helps drive business.Content is vital for SEO but also helps to speak to your customers across the entire purchasing journey.
We understand that SEO is just the medium, return on investment is the main objective. So whilst we will use a number of measurement indicators, we understand that revenue is the one that matters.

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SEO Strategy for Sport

We’ll get to know you and your business inside and out, so we can develop a bespoke SEO strategy for your sports business that’s informed by the needs of your customers. So you can rank higher in the search engines and generate more qualified enquiries or sales.

When your audience search for services in the sports sector, they’re looking for help with a problem. With a solid SEO strategy, we’ll put you in pole position, so that these searchers will see your business ahead of your competitors at the moment they need you.

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