Recent changes to the way Twitter interacts with search engines could be the key to getting your content crawled quicker,


An introduction on headshot photo’s displaying in Google.


S2ZTDPW3YVZJ – New report states that just 1% of online orders are driven by social media.


How will the introduction of the Facebook Timeline affect business Facebook accounts?


Depending on your Twitter objectives, by following certain protocol you can achieve your targets with some simple rules.


John Prescott, who is an unlikely fan of blogging, recently raised his profile through the use of twitter using it to post news about the Tories and NHS. The politician is also planning to use social networking sites to try to get people involved in a global deal on climate change. In his new role, …read more →


Twitter’s home page has been redesigned; the main focus of this overhaul was to demonstrate the power of Twitter as a discovery where users can find what is happening in real time through search and trends. Used commonly as a way to communicate quick messages, Twitter is still a useful tool used by us when …read more →


Without a doubt June has been the most exciting month so far this year for the SEO community, a bunch of new products have been announced and introduced not to mention a new Search Engine, in case you missed all the action here is a quick round up of what happened. In the beginning of …read more →


Keyword research is the first, and in my opinion the most important task in the search engine optimisation process, this is why you need as much data as possible on each keyword you are planning in implementing on your site. First thing you need to know about a keyword is its search volume, the higher …read more →


Since its announcement Google Wave has dominated the pages of tech blogs and news sites all over the world, this is set to be Google’s biggest product launch in years. Google Wave is a real time communication platform that combines aspects of email, wikis, web chat, social networking, project management and file sharing all in …read more →

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