Business Generation

Be found when your customers are actively seeking your products or services. Convert your audience into customers.

We believe the ideal way to generate business is to have your customers find you, at the moment that they need your product or service.

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Conversions happen when you respond to your customer’s needs, wants and desires.

SEO icon SEO

Custom SEO strategies designed to boost your rankings and drive more qualified traffic to your business, that converts.

SEO icon Creative Strategy

The path to creating business online requires data and research insights to lay the groundwork for success.

SEO icon Web Design

A website that creates business and looks amazing. A marketing platform built for your prospects and their needs.

SEO icon Content Marketing

Content that captures your audience's attention, attracts press and backlinks on national and international publications.

Leverage digital marketing to put your business in front of new prospects

We help you build a strategic marketing strategy that drives visitors, qualified leads or sales online.

A positive return on your marketing investment is only one benefit of partnering with Hedgehog. Our motive is to get your business in front of the right people, at the right time, to increase organic traffic and boost engagement.

They've helped with our SEO and web design and since we've worked with them our enquiries have increased significantly and our target audience reached.

Glynn Wrapson

C2C Director


When customers 'discover' your product or service it is far more valuable than pushing marketing messages at them.

The timing and relevance are right for the customer and connections established through discovery are more authentic and trusted. Businesses we work with are found by their customers.

We specialise in SEO and search marketing services that drive your prospects to your website by answering their questions, addressing their pain points and problems, and being a resource of useful information.

From visitor to customer.

Focusing on attracting visitors that are actively searching for information about your products and services is the best way to generate leads and sales.

Qualify the visitors with the right keywords, captivate them with useful content and deliver relevant calls to action to help them buy or enquire.
Continuous Improvements

When business generation is left to stand still, it turns into extra weight that ultimately slows growth.

Our defined process maintains peak performance through a continuous cycle of analysing the data, refining and implementing

Whether you need to migrate a website, advice on your content strategy, or a full review of your SEO performance, our goal is to help your business grow with search.

We take a tailored approach for each of our clients to ensure that your campaigns are targeted effectively.

Our expert SEO team devise and lead bespoke strategies to drive optimal growth for each individual client.

Our approach is completely transparent, there are no secrets. In fact, we speak regularly on the subject of SEO at international events where we love to spread our knowledge.
Web Design

Speak to 100 digital marketing agencies about their web design process, 99 of them will approach it the same way. That’s not Hedgehog.

We’re the 1% who appreciate that no two websites are the same and no two businesses have identical goals.

We think differently.

Stunning visuals should be a given, but squeezing every business opportunity out of your website isn’t.

With a long track record of success and a reputation we’re proud of, we’re ready to rally for your cause.
Content Marketing

Content created with an audience-first approach.

Understanding what content your audience are seeking is key to driving to your SEO campaign, strengthening your brand’s reputation, encouraging your audience to engage and ultimately drive your business forward.

Great stories are worth sharing. We’ll find yours and help you tell it with a strategy that engages and converts.

Creative Strategy

We work with your businesses to clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your customers, and define your goals.

We work closely to establish your goals and objectives for your marketing activity.

Before we get to work on any campaigns, we have a clear understanding of your customers and their behaviours.

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Putting your business in front of the people who are actively searching for your products or services online.

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Friends we’ve made along the way.

Here's some of the results we've been working on.

Enquiry and sales generation in a technical industry

A fast-tracked lead generation strategy with SEO.

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Industrial Calibration is a company that calibrates the equipment, that calibrates equipment!

How a simple, creative campaign idea can gain global coverage

How we generated hundreds of backlinks and mentions for a football equipment website.

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Keeping up with the beautiful game

Scope: SEO, web design, content, Digital marketing

One of the leading football review sites in the world since 2006, our work with Footy-Boots is a challenge and a pleasure, where we push the boundaries of digital marketing. From product reviews and player interviews to producing top quality images of the latest products and cutting edge football technology. We’re always looking at different ways to make Footy-Boots lead the way in this exciting digital playground.

Achieving a 'hard-hitting' 170% sales increase for a boxing heavyweight

How we increased direct sales in a competitive eCommerce sector.

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How we achieved a 'hard-hitting' 170% sales increase for a boxing heavyweight

Scope: SEO, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Content, Video

They came to us as a boxing product distributor. They have become champions of Cleto Reyes, the “punchers glove”. One of the heavyweight suppliers in world boxing, WBCME are well established as a distributor to the boxing trade, but wanted to develop a consumer sales channel.

By re-focussing their strategy and structure to promote their exclusive rights to Cleto Reyes boxing equipment and and WBC merch in Europe, we gave WBCME (and the people) exactly what they wanted. An effective platform and strategy to get their products in front of the people who wanted them.