SEO Audit

Your website may have been through significant changes, a period of neglect, or perhaps you are struggling against your competition.

It can be hard to decide how to move it forward.

Our SEO audits provide a comprehensive report to reveal why your website isn’t performing, and how to fix it with a clear plan of action.

And, in case SEO is not your area of expertise, we present your thorough site audit to you in plain English.

Yep, human to human.

So you understand every insight and recommendation and can act upon it.

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SEO Audit - Unleash your website

Whether you have specific concerns about your website, or you want to maximise its potential, an SEO Audit should be your starting point.

An SEO audit analyses your website, highlighting the ways to improve the site’s rankings in the search results.

It uncovers the opportunities that will help your website generate business from the search engines.

Goals of an SEO Audit

From the outset, we talk to you about what your goals and targets are. SEO is the channel to help you reach these objectives.

You may be looking to increase traffic by 25%, improve the rankings around a niche topic, or recover from a Google penalty. 

Sometimes we’re approached to find ways in which to take on a competitor.

Once you understand your main objectives, we can tailor the SEO Audit to focus on the best way to achieve this goal.

SEO Audit Process


We develop an audit with your business goals front of mind. How can your website help you meet these goals in the search engines?


We audit your online status based on your goals. Often, this will be based around: Content, Backlinks, Technical SEO, and your Competitors.


After the comprehensive SEO Audit, we prepare the report with a prioritised plan of action and present this to you, human to human.


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