International SEO Strategies To Stand Out Worldwide.

The internet has brought the world closer together than ever before.

Brands can now do business in any country without having a physical location in the countries they serve. If your business operates in countries outside of the UK, or is planning to expand into an international market, having an international SEO strategy is vital. As a multilingual SEO agency, Hedgehog can help you to reach these international audiences.

Hedgehog’s international SEO service can provide SEO strategies in multiple languages. We can currently operate in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Romanian.
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Optimising your digital presence for international audiences allows you to speak to each of your customers directly, without language barriers.

The key factors needed for International SEO

01 The Discovery

You share your goals and business objectives; we give you a clear strategy to reach them, with timelines and projections that put the future in focus.

02 Technical Performance

From installing an SSL certificate to speeding up your site loading time. The technical performance of your website is the foundation you need to get right.

02 Keyword Research

Identifying the right keywords to work with is essential. Matching the correct keywords to your content and your customer’s intent is where the magic really happens.

04 Page Optimisation

Your content is represented with extensive metadata, and on-page signals to engage your audience and be on-topic with Google.

05 Link Building

We build a base of links that are seen by search engines as important and relevant increases the chances of your website ranking high in the search engine results pages.

06 Tracking and Reporting

Access your reports real-time or read the digest each month, either way, your finger will be on the pulse of the metrics that matter to you most.

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