Digital PR

Digital PR is a powerful strategy which can improve a business’s online presence and visibility.

Original campaigns distribute your brand’s content to the right media at the right time which secures online media coverage, including backlinks to your website. This, in turn, improves SEO search rankings on Google and exposes your brand to your audience through engaging narratives and stories.
digital pr

Brilliantly performing websites are a result of a well developed creative strategy that feeds your websites content, aesthetic as well as tying together all your marketing exploits.

What is Digital PR?

PR Outreach combines traditional PR practices with a digital focus. Queue Hedgehog.

The result? Your business reaches new markets, gains brand exposure and improves SEO via high-quality links. This strategy ticks many boxes and is a valuable asset to any long term marketing strategy in a business.

Our PR practices integrate SEO to provide a smarter, more natural link building strategy that can improve your online visibility. The more trusted websites linking back to your brand, the better your website will rank in Google. It’s that simple.

How does Digital PR work?


The process begins by getting a deep understanding of your business, so we can relate to your target audience and identify journalists in a given industry and determine what they are likely to publish.


We then ideate, developing ideas that your audience cares about, what is newsworthy for the media and importantly, what will generate links to your website.


A key part of Digital PR is to create and distribute the content. This spreads your stories and messages to the influencers in your sector and beyond.


With a solid campaign theme, our outreach experts will pitch the ideas to the publications. With feedback from the journalists, we will refine the campaign and begin producing the content.

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