Hedgehogs in South America

Hedgehog has taken Sao Paulo by storm, dispelling the myth that Hedgehogs are alien species in South America and sharing SEO insights with an international audience.

The beginning of September 2018 marked a poignant moment in our successful history. With clients already ranging from Cornwall to London to Hawaii, this exciting event in Brazil has opened up even more incredible opportunities for us. The Expo Digitalks Forum, on the 4th & 5th of September, had over 4000 participants and included speakers from Google, IBM, Coca Cola….And Hedgehog!

Travelling to Brazil, Hedgehoggers Alan and Felipe spoke to a global audience about SEO and digital marketing. We’re happy to say it was well received!

SEO Experts from Hedgehog on Stage in Brazil

Hedgehog founder Alan Spurgeon, along with our very own Brazilian dynamo and search engine expert Felipe Bazon, presented a keynote speech on the significance of search engine marketing. This global digital marketing event in Brazil offered us an amazing platform to present our insight and ideas about digital marketing to an international audience of business leaders. We presented a unique view on how businesses should integrate the power of search engine marketing with their overall marketing strategy. South American businesses are very receptive to how we do marketing in the UK and we were humbled with the feedback!

SEO Expperts from Hedgehog in Brazil

Our exciting expansion into Brazil has been supported by the Department of International Trade and we now have brilliant Brazilian clients in a range of sectors, from football clubs to children’s toys. Our growth into South America marks a pivotal point in Hedgehog’s story. We’re feeling inspired and encouraged – we are now turning amps up to 11! Clients who understand that to get noticed they must excel online are the kind of clients we want to work with, no matter where they are located.

See a snapshot from the Keynote Speech…

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FelipeInterrnational SEO and Content Marketer and our CSO (chief SEO officer). Since 2015 Felipe Bazon is listed as one the top 3 SEOs in Brazil, having won the title in the same year. With over 10 years of experience in SEO and Content Marketing, Felipe managed over 100 SEO projects for multinational companies in Brasil, UK and Europe.
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