With desktop browsing decreasing and mobile browsing taking over, Google are switching their emphasis to the mobile version of your site as its primary source for content and ranking signals. More web browsing takes place on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers, a shift which is set to see Google using mobile content for all search ranking …read more →


Have you noticed how you automatically give huge credit and respect to a lecturer or a company trainer who oozes knowledgeable? You are more prepared to listen and take on board exactly what they have to say on a particular subject. So does it not make sense to find strategic ways to get in front …read more →


Before making that all important online purchase, do you read the customer online reviews or just hit the buy button and hope for the best? A new study suggests that nearly 9/10 online consumers checked the reviews when buying online. Too many to argue with, so if you’re running an online store, these are the …read more →


Heard about SEO but not sure what it really is? Fear not, Mark has written a brief beginners overview with enough stats to flummox Carol Vorderman. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) gives a website the opportunity of increased traffic (users) and a higher ranking in the top three search engines Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEO is …read more →


Google is giving an advantage to websites that are mobile friendly.


Recent changes to the way Twitter interacts with search engines could be the key to getting your content crawled quicker,


Google have announced that your company logo may now feature in Google Search Listings, provided your website is updated with some code. Google are now reading some code which can be written into your website which allows your preferred company logo to feature in their search listings. “This example indicates to Google that this image …read more →


S2ZTDPW3YVZJ – New report states that just 1% of online orders are driven by social media.


We take a look at one of the most common search engine tasks that tend to get overlooked.


Mobile friendly means more than just getting the website screen size right. Here are 10 useful tips to help you out.

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