Why Use Search Intent Strategies?

When you target your content to specific and relevant search terms, your target audience engages with your business.

Why Use Search Intent Strategies?

Also, by targeting your content in this way, you are doing Google a huge favour, which will be rewarded in kind. Ensuring that your content appears in searches for specific and relevant terms enhances the quality and reliability of Google searches, helping them achieve their goal of providing the most effective solutions for users.

The reward allows you to climb the rankings of specific keywords that relate to your product or service. But the most critical factor is you’ll be catching users/consumers at the perfect moment, the moment where they need your content and make it as effective as possible.

It’s a trap! Don’t create a gulf between Search Intent and your content.


While ranking higher for search terms relating to your business is essential, it’s an aspect of SEO that marketers and businesses can get a bit head-over-heels for these days — leading them to make a common mistake.

If people arrive at your site for a specific search term and then ‘bounce’ off elsewhere because your content doesn’t satisfy their needs, Google learns from it.

They will drop your site down on the results page and replace you with web pages that people actually stay on; because those sites align with, and satisfy, the searcher’s intent.

bounce rate

It’s a classic case of quality over quantity. Businesses who get obsessed with ranking for as many search terms as possible naturally neglect Search Intent. Providing consumers with precisely what they need, right when they need it, is a marketer’s dream. This dream can be a reality if you opt to focus on the quality and relativity of your content rather than obsess over high quantities of search terms.

It’s as simple as this. High-quality, relevant content encourages users to do all of the following:

  • Stay on your website for longer
  • Spend time exploring multiple pages
  • Learn more about your products/services
  • Engage with your brand
  • Get what they need to spend money confidently

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? 😉

Whether you’re looking to optimise your website or a client’s site, you should always keep Search Intent in mind. It’s not just another trend or marketing trick. It’s giving users what they want when they need it most. And it makes your job a whole lot easier.

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