The Essence of Search Intent

Every search made on Google indicates intent. Searchers want to find a site with the information they need. Be that site.

Chapter One

Let’s start with an example. You’re planning a last-minute gathering with friends and fancy a few simple cocktails, so you enter ‘easy cocktail recipes’ into a search engine.

The first two results consist of great recipes, but they’re better suited to someone with more advanced expertise and a lot more time on their hands. No good, next!

However, the next site you look at is full of quick and easy recipes that require minimal time and effort. Bingo! You got what you needed from the specific query you entered. Problem solved.

Now imagine potential clients embarking on the same journey. What will they find while roaming around your website? When you offer highly relevant content to suit their needs perfectly, you’re already ahead of competitors and maximise your chances of success.

search intent process

In its essence, Search Intent optimisation is an exercise in supply and demand. You supply relevant content to meet the demands (searches) of your target audience. Your target audience gets exactly what they need, and your business ensures the supply and demand of products and services.

By analysing your target customer’s search engine requests, you can learn about their Search Intent. When you know their Search Intent, you know which type of content will suit them best and help you to convert. As you can see, Search Intent isn’t rocket science, but it most definitely is something that requires some insight to fully understand and put to good use.

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