Other Search Intent Considerations

Incorporating Search Intent into digital strategies gives you a massive advantage in the fight to place content in front of the right customers faster than your competitors.

Other Search Intent Considerations

A high-quality Search Intent strategy is vital to target the right customers at the right point in their consumer journey. Understanding what motivates customers to search for specific terms provides you with a clearer idea about tailoring content to satisfy their needs.

By using targeted keywords, you indicate to Google and users what information your site contains. Then back this up by actually providing relevant information. The result? Google directs audiences to your content faster and more efficiently.

A strong Search Intent strategy benefits Google greatly by helping them achieve their goal of being the fastest and easiest way for users to solve problems. And as we mentioned previously in this content, Google rewards your Search intent efforts by boosting you up the SERPs.

Put simply…

If someone uses a search engine and you give them exactly what they need, when they want it, Google rewards you with a higher results page position.

Also, we know that she has just taken up boxing, which means she may be someone who is not yet ready to purchase and, at this point, requires suitable content to nudge her in the right direction.

This is essential knowledge for marketers as it tells them more about the style of approach that could be most successful. Blog content, for example, as the customer isn’t at the decision-making stage yet, and with some persuasive content in front of them, you could change that.

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