Future Shifts in Searching

For Search Intent, this is just the start.
Times change, as does technology and people using it.

Future Shifts in Searching
We’d love to be able to tell you that by reading this guide, you’ll know everything you’ll ever need to know about Search Intent. But the truth is that search engines will continue to advance and evolve — becoming more clever, faster and thorough learning machines.

Search engine experts predict three significant shifts in search in the next 20 years, as reported by Dawn Anderson in a lecture at We Love SEO 2019.

video content

What’s already out there? How can you improve on it?

Experts expect to see movement from predominantly text-based to visual information. Visual information is easier to process, it’s more entertaining, and it provokes more emotion when compared to text and audio-based content.

Research shows that people spend on average 2.6 times longer on pages with video content. This shift to visually presented information represents a move to a more accessible and user-friendly experience.


Shift from Query to Queriless

Another prediction is a shift from search from answer to journey. Individual queries are more difficult for search engines to understand in isolation. They need context to provide the most accurate possible information to users. Contextual searches would consider the time, location, device, task and user’s previous habits to offer a truly tailored search result.

This would see the user’s needs become the query. With contextual searches, the query they enter would only be an element in the broader calculation of what content would best satisfy the user’s needs.

answer to journey

Shift from Answer to Journey

This is where we would see a move from answer to journey. Search engines would understand that not every query is isolated. They are an aspect of an ongoing user journey where the previous searches inform new searches.

Shifts such as this represent a massive reconfiguration of how search engines conduct operations and reshape how we produce content online.

The core of these changes is a focus on the user and their Search Intent.
Understanding that is vital to survive and embrace the changing search landscape.

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