Google is giving an advantage to websites that are mobile friendly.


S2ZTDPW3YVZJ – New report states that just 1% of online orders are driven by social media.


A week ago Google announced that a large team of its search engineers have been working on a secret project, a new infrastructure that will improve indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and not yet confirmed ranking changes, named Caffeine. According to Matt Cutts the changes are in how Google finds and indexes pages. Based on the …read more →


Bing continues to innovate the way we search and it is the first search engine to start showing Twitter’s results from some “prominent and prolific” Twitters without the need of a add-on or a script, hence the “Twitter Search Results on Google” script and the “Twitter Search Results on Bing Firefox add-on”. Since the 1st …read more →


Within an hour of Michael Jackson dying, the Internet was flooded with users searching for more information on his death, or simply to confirm what they’ve heard on the streets or watched on TV was true, the King of Pop was dead! Hours after MJ’s death, 30% of all Tweets were about Michael Jackson, which …read more →


“Your site’s reputation can be affected by who you link to” If you are an SEO you know exactly where the above quote comes from, for those of you not familiar with it, that is a quote from Google Webmasters Guidelines, basically is saying that if link to bad neighbourhood sites, you could be penalised. …read more →


Without a doubt June has been the most exciting month so far this year for the SEO community, a bunch of new products have been announced and introduced not to mention a new Search Engine, in case you missed all the action here is a quick round up of what happened. In the beginning of …read more →


This is beginning to resemble a kindergarten battle now, whatever one search engine does the other goes and copies it and surprisingly this time it has nothing to do with the search market or the annulment of a search engine optimisation technique. In a attempt to enable consumers to better understand their household energy consumption, …read more →


Every time Google makes an official announcement about an SEO technique, the effects on the SEO community can be compared to an earthquake or a tsunami and this time wasn’t different, since Matt Cutts announced that “PageRank Sculpting” could no longer be performed using the nofollow tag, site owners and SEOs have gone mad. What …read more →


Microsoft’s new search engine ‘Bing’ has been live for almost two weeks now and already statistics show an increase in its market share by 2% jumping from the 9% previously registered by the to 11%. You would think that if you were the owner of a company that has over 60% of market share …read more →

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