Poldark, like you've never seen before...

Experience Season 1 - 4 of Poldark in a flashback journey like no other.

In Poldark so far they have...

Taken off their shirts

Topless scenes with Ross Poldark include muscular displays when mining, the swoony shirtless scything shots, emerging bare-chested from the Cornish sea and of course lying in his chambers.


Topless scenes

Throughout all seasons.


Sets of six-packs!

Five different men take off their shirts.


Ross goes shirtless

Ross takes the crown for the most shirtless scenes.


Hugh comes in second

All in season 4.

Drank a lot

Step into Cornwall and you'll be drinking fine local ale and wine alike. We wonder what beer tasted like in the late C18th?
Here’s a rundown of the most popular drinks over the seasons (and how many times they went down the pub).


Pints of ale


Glasses of liquor


Glasses of wine


Pub visits

Season 2 was the BOOOOOZIEST.

0 Pasties are eaten in Poldark.

That’s right. Zero, zilch, sweet fanny adams, not a dicky bird, zip, nada, diddly squat.

‘Tint right, ‘tint proper ‘tint fair.

This is kind of a big deal because pasties are core to culinary Cornish tradition.

Interesting fact

However, they were mentioned in the book. Pasties do not feature greatly in Poldark fare; they were served at the Warleggans’ House with cakes and jellies, syllabubs and fruits, punch and wines and tea and coffee after the Lord Lieutenant’s Ball; see Demelza: Book Two, Chapter XI.

Swore a bit

I'm sure it's the whole "don't take the Lord's name in vain" kinda thing, especially with Demelza growing up in the house of her father who appears to be a religious man. Just my two Farthings. Can't say Jesus, but Judas betrayed him, so his name can be a curse?

Demelza said Judas!

38 Times

Galloped a lot

Particularly Ross who is prone to a thunderous canter along the Cornish cliffs.

Galloping scenes


Most of these scenes are at Porthcothan on Park Head which you will find between famous fishing village Padstow and surfing town Newquay. It is now a National Trust site.

This stretch of iconic Cornish coastline features stunning views of the impressive sea stacks at Bedruthan Steps.

The gallops aren’t bad seeing as Aidan Turner didn't know how to ride a horse before Poldark and admitted to bending the truth in his audition.

Also in Poldark...

Life was hard

If you are born in Poldark’s time, you have a 15% chance of dying before the age of 2.





Season 2 was the deadliest with 9 deaths.

Love was complicated

Aside from arranged marriages and family drama, love was a difficult affair.

A lovers journey in Poldark


There was 116 kisses over four seasons.


This lead to 6 steamy Poldark scenes per season


Which led to a total of 9 weddings throughout the 4 seasons


That didn’t last long! 10 affairs have happened so far

Season one highlights

Ross's iconic scar

Although this season holds the fewest number of fights overall, it is arguably one of the most iconic. During the first two minutes of Poldark, Ross is attacked in the American revolutionary war where he is hit with the blunt end of a gun, creating the iconic scar you see today.

Most searched for character on Google

Demelza the mostpopular character

Based on search trends, Demelza is at her peak
popularity as she becomes a
‘finer lady’ in episode 4.

Elizabeth the leastpopular character

Elizabeth very unpopular as her envy
of Demelza grows in the
same episode.

Ross and Demelza seen inthe most scenes together


First time

Ross saves her from an
unrighteous beating.

Last time

Demelza left distraught as Ross is wrongly arrested for murder.

Loads of marriages

5 out of a total of 9 marriages happened within the first season of Poldark

Three iconic marriages

Ross & Demelza

Elizabeth and Francis

Verity & Captain Blamey

Season two highlights

First episode spikes huge searchfor 'Poldark Cornwall'

Top 3 most viewed episodes

Episode 1 - 7.29M
Episode 4 - 7.13M
Episode 9 -  7.19M

Most fights and punchesof all series

From single punches to brawls to duels, there was a bit of everything in season 2.


Ross beats up George twice!

The first time Ross was sick of George terrorising aunt Agatha. The second time George revealed that Ross's partnership with Francis was all funded by George.

Demelza knocks out Ross

The 42nd punch is Demelza knocking out Ross because of his affair.

Francis's death is 1 of 3 in series 2

Ross's affair with Elizabeth

His death starts the steps towards Ross's affair with his widow, Elizabeth.

Most viewed season so far

Watched by over 69.3 Million viewers, season 2 is proving to be the most popular. Will season 5 knock it off top spot?

Season 1 - 65.9M
Season 2 -  69.3M
Season 3 -  60M
Season 4 -  48.9M

Season three highlights

Most shots fired

The most shots from duels, fights and murders happen within season 3


The death of Henshawe

The 47th shot from season 4 is the shot that kills Henshaw in the mission to save Dr Enys from the French prison.

George at his most evil

Key points include George forcing Morwenna to marry Reverend Ossie Whitworth and also denying Aunt Agatha her 100th Birthday Party

Drake takes the crown for mostpopular character

Drake is the most searched for character after episode 7 as he falls in love with Morwenna.

Aunt Agatha gets her revenge!

Aunt Agatha gets her revenge on George in the most hurtful way possible.

Aunt Agatha planted the seed

She planted the seed into George's head that Valentine isn't his son which ultimately leads to her own death and the death of Elizabeth.

Season four highlights

The most yearned for marriage

Drake and Morwenna FINALLY marry, making us as happy as them.

Most naked six-packs

We see four sets of different six-packs:

Ross: 6
Hugh: 6
Dwight: 1
Drake: 1

That’s a total of 14 naked scenes for us!

Deadliest season

A total of 9 deaths occur in this season. Over a third of the show’s 23.


Deaths in season 4


Throughout all seasons

Men physically fight over women

We see Sam and Tom wrestling for the hand of Emma.

There is also a duel between Ross and Adderley as he continues to be suggestive towards Demelza.

Ross and Demelza reconnect as a couple

The trip to London reignites their marriage as they have all six of the season’s steamy scenes.