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Research highlights that over a third of people who use Google Search are unaware that their ad’s are actually advertising!


S2ZTDPW3YVZJ – New report states that just 1% of online orders are driven by social media.


Every year, the Time Magazine website, releases a list of the top 50 best websites and this year there are some surprises, at least in my opinion. Time’s criteria to choose these sites is quite simple, they pick websites that help users improve their internet experience like and its UK version – …read more →


Microsoft prepared another attack against Google of epic proportions as the software giant lined up between $80 million to $100 million to invest in a marketing campaign for Bing. What is Bing? Bing is a search engine that was been developed by Microsoft; with it Microsoft hopes to grab a bigger slice of the search market …read more →


The car brand has decided to focus their marketing budget on natural search and social media marketing to reinforce its ‘Life is better lived together’ brand positioning. Last year Volvo spent £19.75m on advertising, excluding paid search and internet accounted for just 3% of this, or £695,500. Volvo UK’s head of marketing communications, Anita Fox …read more →


The world’s economy is going through one of its worst crisis in history, with many experts predicting a global economical recession, countries approving multi-billion dollars bailout programs to help their economies to survive and companies having to cut down their costs. One of the first things on CEOs and Managing Directors minds is to reduce …read more →


There is no doubt that Barack Obama’s presidential campaign was a marketing genius, one only needs to look at the recent surge of Obama inspired marketing to appreciate this. But what made this campaign so phenomenally successful? The campaign team used traditional marketing methods such as the radio, television and direct marketing, effective because they …read more →


According to Nielson Online, 64.1% of searches were performed using Google in November 2008,  16.1% using Yahoo!, 9.1% using MSN and 2.3% using J.P. Morgan recently conducted research to see what factors (if any) would encourage a switch to an alternative search engine. Interestingly, 45% of respondents said that if better search results were achieved with an alternative search engine they …read more →


Microsoft has revealed details of its new browsing algorithm, developed by a collaborative work between Microsoft researchers and various Asian Universities. The new browsing algorithm is called BrowseRank and it is meant to compete against Google’s controversial PageRank. BrowseRank calculates how often and how long users visit the site to determine the rankings; Microsoft believes …read more →


Digg is one of the most popular social networking sites, with millions of users from around the globe sharing the content found on the internet with the Digg community. There are no editors at Digg, it is the users who decide how good the content is by voting or let’s say “digging” others peoples’ content …read more →

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