Why do DNS changes take so long to take effect? Find out here…


Clearing your Web Browser Cache makes your browser load the most up to date versions of Web pages.


Bing – Microsoft’s new and improved search engine named went live two days ago, well at least the beta version of it. The official launch is due to coincide with Microsoft’s Dr. Qi Lu presentation tomorrow at Search Engine Land’s Search Marketing Convention SMX Advanced in Seattle. As Live.com is still live and users can …read more →


American software manager Carol Bartz will be the new CEO of internet giant Yahoo. The appointment of Bartz brings to an end the two-month search for a successor to Yang. Internet pioneer and co-founder of Yahoo, Yang gave up his CEO position after potentially lucrative deals nearing 50 million dollars with Microsort Corp. collapsed. Bartz …read more →


ClikStats was developed over the Christmas period by one of our development team “Adrian Callaghan” who was looking into furthering his knowledge of his wordpress Blog. Adrian had an idea to make an SEO plugin, this allowed him to track the traffic going through his own blog to enable him to analyse what was clicked, who …read more →


Social Media Marketing is an area of online marketing that doesn’t stop growing, with more and more users joining social networking sites every day, such popularity and increasing numbers of users has been drawing  attention from marketers around the globe for quite some time. Social media marketing is the process of promoting a site, business …read more →


A Search engine start-up by a few ex-Google employees has just launched called Cuil  (pronounced Cool according to them). It has an interesting 2 or 3 column magazine style layout that is very different to any other search engine. One thing that struck us was that it looks like a single column might be designed …read more →


UK businesses are cutting their marketing and advertising budgets for the third quarter in a row according to the latest Bellwether report, the quarterly survey of marketing budgets. The report also forecasts further cuts later in the year, citing disappointing sales, rising costs and growing economic gloom. All sectors of marketing saw budget cuts with …read more →


Whether you have a simple webpage, a blog or a fully-fledged dynamic website, new visitors to your site will either stay and read more or leave and never return based on some very subjective criteria. Not least of these is the “look and feel”. If your site looks “right” they will most likely read a …read more →


The new version of Mozilla Firefox appeared on the Mozilla server this evening. It’s a very early version and is called Minefield, signed with code 4.0a1pre. The new version is so fresh that after installation, it redirects to the site on the Mozilla server which doesn’t exist yet. The Interface is very similar to the …read more →

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