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is digg a better place without shouts?

Digg users received another surprise this past week as the shouts systems have been disabled; the days of selecting 200 of your most loyal friends and sending them a shout with your latest submission, are over.

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The only way to share your submissions now is via email, Facebook, Twitter or IM. I’m not sure what Digg’s intentions were when they decided to remove shouts, for me that was the best way to keep up to date with my friends’ submissions and share my submissions with them.

No more shouts means it will be even harder for average Digg users to try and get their stories promoted to the first page. Some might say, write good and appealing content and your stories will receive diggs and eventually become popular, well, now more than ever I can agree with that and thanks to the recommendation engine stories could reach a broader audience.

I am divided about these changes implemented by Digg, from one side it will be harder for me to track my likeminded friends activities, whose stories I enjoy, and without shouting my stories to my friends, I believe the numbers of diggs on my submission will drop drastically. But on the other hand, this could make Digg’s home page a bit more democratic with good content writers managing to break through what is dominated by a dozen or so called Power Diggers.

Besides from not making my mind up yet on Digg being a better place with or without shouts, I have some questions that hopefully I find the answers in the weeks to come.

1 – Has Digg’s Algorithm changed?

2 – Will the numbers of submissions of average Digg users drop without shouts?

3 – Is Digg protecting its “Power” users by removing shouts and reducing the chances of average users getting their stories promoted to the first page?

Are you a Digger? If so what you have to say about Digg removing the shouts the button?

Feel free to express your feeling and thoughts in our comments section.

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