How to Increase Website Traffic

Implementing AMP on your website can be as simple as installing a plugin on WordPress but in order to harness all the benefits, you need to go a little further. In order for any web page to reach as many people as possible, it has to have a high chance of being seen. One of …read more →


Search Engine Optimisation is known for its longer-term long-lasting results. In this article, we will show you how to hack SEO to achieve quicker results and even greater ROI. Before we start, this article is not about Black Hat SEO techniques. All strategies provided abide by Google Quality Guidelines and industry’s best practices. Search engine …read more →


You can guarantee in the SEO world, someone will on an annual basis release a string of techniques guaranteed to boost your website to the top of Google overnight. You can rest easy; this is not one of these lists. The solid strategies and actions listed in this post are timeless and will bring results in …read more →