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The problem with Christmas cards is; you can’t drink them. The problem, along with the fact that everyone sends them, is you have to cut down trees to make them and well, they are boring which is something we at Hedgehog Digital wanted to rectify this year. So we dusted off our boards and rode the …read more →


A blog for my business? Whatever next? Many businesses are still unaware of the formidable potential a Blog can bring to their business. Switched on organisations are using Blogs to aid their business though. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, Blogs can pay huge dividends now and in the future for your business. Read …read more →


On May 26th, the EU Privacy Directive begins to be enforced in the UK. We’ve developed a solution which will assist you in complying with the new ruling. How does it work? When a visitor browses to a website with our Cookie Opt-In solution for the first time, the visitor is shown a banner asking for …read more →


Web 2.0 is a growing term used amongst internet savvy people, but what does it mean?


Blogs are growing in popularity, something that is no surprise, but is now backed by new research. ComScore conducted research, based on UK traffic visiting the most popular blogs and also individual blogs. The research stated that 41% of the total UK internet audience visited at least one blog in August – that’s 14.5 million …read more →


In a world of big brother style living with our daily lives being captured by a variety of monitoring services some might argue that privacy is a thing of the past. Could ‘Phorm’ be a further step into having your (online)life completely documented by third parties? There has been a lot of press1 surrounding the …read more →


Online research firm Nielsen//Netratings says time spent on a site is more important than page views. Due to the rising popularity of Ajax websites and web-based videos,  content is being loaded with no web page reloading,  which doesn’t show any value for Although Nielsen already measures average time spent and average number of sessions of …read more →


John Prescott, who is an unlikely fan of blogging, recently raised his profile through the use of twitter using it to post news about the Tories and NHS. The politician is also planning to use social networking sites to try to get people involved in a global deal on climate change. In his new role, …read more →


Bing continues to innovate the way we search and it is the first search engine to start showing Twitter’s results from some “prominent and prolific” Twitters without the need of a add-on or a script, hence the “Twitter Search Results on Google” script and the “Twitter Search Results on Bing Firefox add-on”. Since the 1st …read more →


“Your site’s reputation can be affected by who you link to” If you are an SEO you know exactly where the above quote comes from, for those of you not familiar with it, that is a quote from Google Webmasters Guidelines, basically is saying that if link to bad neighbourhood sites, you could be penalised. …read more →

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