The world’s economy is going through one of its worst crisis in history, with many experts predicting a global economical recession, countries approving multi-billion dollars bailout programs to help their economies to survive and companies having to cut down their costs. One of the first things on CEOs and Managing Directors minds is to reduce …read more →


“How can email marketing help my business?” – This is one most common question we are asked. At first glance this may seem pretty obvious (it’s advertising, with all the benefits to your business that this implies), but there is a serious point behind it. In most cases what people are really asking is something …read more →


Considering buying an eMail list to boost your in-house database? It’s a common route taken by online marketers, but it needs careful thought….


The Internet network is sort of counting mechanism, a good example is a clock counting down your death 😉 We all like having fun, playing around and wasting time on the internet and do not often reflect how the algorithms work. However, it appears that the algorithm is serious a factor to consider when estimating the …read more →


We have been exhibiting this week at a Business to Business show. One of the questions we are frequently asked is regarding eMail lists. It’s very common for us to be asked for eMail databases. On the whole (and there is always an exception) we avoid buying in third party databases for our clients. Of …read more →


I hate spam. Coming back from the extended bank holiday weekend, I was faced with over 400 spam emails. My spam filter catches the vast majority of them, the rest I block and my filter catches them next time around. I get annoyed when the eMail Marketing Industry is tarred with the same brush as …read more →


Our email marketing department have written a new article. Often questioned by our clients, they created this document to answer some frequently asked questions. This quick tip article ( 10 Tips on eMail Marketing ), covers a range of email marketing issues and topics in the form of 10 Top Tips. Some of the subjects …read more →


AOL’s planned charges for sending emails to their email users is facing pressure from businesses and individuals around the internet. There are many groups now opposing the charges which are due to begin testing later this month (see previous post). One such organisation is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who now have well over 500 organisations …read more → have admitted that their recent email marketing message was inaproppriate. Inappropriate? That’s an understatement. Their email marketing message, was sent to their subscribers advertsising children’s shows in London’s West End, with two young boys faces and the headline…. “Doing it for the kids. Like Gary Glitter in a sweet shop, you too can have …read more →

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