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email marketing dataWe have been exhibiting this week at a Business to Business show. One of the questions we are frequently asked is regarding eMail lists.

It’s very common for us to be asked for eMail databases. On the whole (and there is always an exception) we avoid buying in third party databases for our clients. Of course we could send and charge much more if we did, but quite simply, it doesn’t work.

Common requests are “We are in the widget industry and wondered if you could provide us with an email list of businesses with a turnover of 10 million plus in the London area?”

Sure we can get them, but do you really think these people will want to buy from you? After you have sent them an email, when they did not request it, from a company they have never heard of, asking them to buy something?

Another common question is “Can we broadcast a marketing message to our contacts that we have built up over the last five years of trading?”

The answer is yes, you can legally send them a message. How you go about it is important though. For email marketing to work effectively, you need to gain trust and credibilty. If you are sending to an in house list of contacts, tell them why you are emailing them, what you intend to email them ad how often. You need to be as relevant as possible to your contacts, tell them where you got their details from and personalise the message.

If after sending them an email they have not opted into your subscription, don’t send to them again. Focus on those that want to hear from you and build on the relevancy in the content you send to them.

Your objective should not be to sell to them, instead to gain their permission to communicate with them by email.

The best way to obtain an email database is to build one yourself, TH UK offer services to help you build an in house email database.

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