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The Project

SOR Clean is a regional cleaning company with headquarters in Bedford. Providing commercial and residential mobile cleaning solutions, SOR Clean operates in Bedford and the surrounding areas

The Challenge

SOR Clean are experts in the cleaning sector, with an in-depth knowledge of their industry. They recognised that there was an opportunity for growth using digital marketing strategies.

However, SOR Clean also understood that to successfully implement digital strategies, they needed to enlist the help of digital marketing experts.

That’s why they came to us at Hedgehog.

SOR Clean has been partnered with Hedgehog for the last five years.

During which time we have worked with them to develop digital strategies to help them remain prominent in a competitive market.

As with many businesses operating in the highly competitive cleaning sector, lead generation was the main concern for SOR Clean.

They wanted a strategy that would increase the number of enquiries they received from their digital content.

The commercial and residential cleaning sectors are highly competitive and see a high turnover of new business entering but swiftly leaving the market.

As SOR Clean has been in business since 1998, they have done well to become firmly established in the cleaning sector. But, as with all industries, the consistent generation of new enquiries is essential to maintain their position.

When we first began working with SOR Clean five years ago, we developed a website for them which was optimised to increase their digital presence.

At the time, this website was technically sound and aesthetically current. However, as with all things, digital trends change over time.

As part of Hedgehog’s ongoing partnership with SOR Clean, we spotted an opportunity for a redesign of their website to improve their connection with their audience.

The original, but dated, website was operating fine but no longer represented the business’s established reputation.

Therefore, we proposed a redesign of the site which would realign the aesthetic to target SOR Clean’s target audiences of residential and commercial cleaning clients.

We took a two-pronged approach to increase enquiry generation.

Firstly, we worked to develop a website which accurately represented the business’s established reputation while speaking directly to each of their target consumers.

Secondly, we built-in strong SEO strategies from the ground up. Ensuring that SOR Clean’s website was seen by the right people at the right stage of their search journey.

The website redesign involved our design and development team streamlining the website to improve the user experience.

They made sure that visitors to each page were given the information they needed, displayed in a simple, easy to digest format with a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Homepage Wireframe

Service Wireframe

Colors & Typography

We chose some catchy colors to maximize attention on the key actions, while keeping typography simple and in style.


Raleway 100


Raleway 300


Raleway 600


Raleway 900




Off White

The website redesign also included the creation of more prominent calls to action.

These calls to action work as signposts, encouraging visitors to progress further into the website and directing them to specific useful information.

Making the call to actions more prominent encouraged visitors to enquire about their services. Making the process of converting from visitor to enquirer, and ultimately customer, more convenient and inviting.

We have also worked to continuously update and maintain SOR Clean’s SEO strategy.

This ensures their website is seen by the right people, exactly when they seed SOR Clean’s services.

The main focus of our SEO efforts with SOR Clean was the implementation and maintenance of a local SEO strategy.

Optimising for localised keywords helps businesses to be seen by searchers who are looking for particular goods or services in their area.

For SOR Clean, this meant tailoring their SEO strategy to searches for commercial and residential cleaning services in Bedford and the surrounding areas they operate in and optimising their presence on Google My Business.

Utilising Google My Business helped to promote SOR Clean’s business profile on the Google results page and on Google Maps. Meaning they showed up when searchers looked for commercial and residential cleaning services in Bedford and the surrounding area.

The Results

Our work with SOR Cleaning led to the development of a website with a realigned aesthetic which targets SOR Clean’s core target audiences, both for commercial and residential cleaning.

The implementation of strong calls to action work to direct visitors through the site and encourages them to enquire about SOR Clean’s services.

Hedgehog’s work with SOR Clean is ongoing, meaning we’ll consistently maintain and update the SEO strategy and monitor the website’s performance to ensure that SOR Clean’s digital presence is always performing at its optimum level.

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