Developing Brand Awareness

Footy Boots wanted to increase brand awareness and authority in search engines. We created a user generated study, and used digital outreach to spread the data to headline press outlets. The campaign went mainstream and Footy Boots gained several high quality links back to their website, giving their site increased authority and increasing their visibility online.

The Challenge

Footy Boots wanted to increase brand awareness and improve their authority in the search engines.

They noticed a number of competitors were beginning to target the same audience.As an online football publisher, Footy Boots wanted to take their brand beyond the hardcore football equipment tribe and extend their appeal to the regular amateur footballer.

Project Type

SEO For Sport

Our Role

Content Marekting, SEO, Creative Strategy.



Project Highlights

Hedgehog worked with Footy Boots to increase brand awareness, improve their authority in the search engines and gain high-quality links pointing to their website.

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Starting With An In-Depth ‘Discovery’ We Revealed Insights About The Footy Boots Audience, Their Position In The Market And Growth Opportunities .

The Discovery provided a real understanding of how Footy Boots worked as a brand, what they wanted to achieve and what their audience wanted.

It provided the base for campaign ideas.

The campaign had to relate to the Footy Boots audience, but also appeal to more mainstream press. We needed something that would generate backlinks and brand mentions referencing Footy Boots as the content source.

The final idea chosen was based on crowning the best football trick of all time. Footy Boots would poll its audience to determine the most popular trick, then we would create the story and outreach to the media.

The Idea Involved And Engaged Footy Boots’ Audience From Kick-Off.

We created a voting mechanism on the Footy Boots website and invited their audience to choose from seven of the most famous football tricks of all time, by professional footballers.

The candidates were the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Johann Cruyff, Diego Maradona and Rene Higuita. The voting campaign ran for a month and was supported by a social media campaign to drive engagement. Once complete, the votes were counted and the winner, Rene Higuita and his famous Scorpion Kick, was announced.

A series of stories regarding the campaign were then written and submitted to a variety of sports media. We wanted to land a big, popular publisher with the story as this would give the story credibility and lead to it being republished in other places once the news became mainstream.

Once The ‘Big Placement’ Landed, We Began To Heavily Promote The Story So It Was Picked Up On Other Channels.

Further outreach to the press built momentum. The story was picked up by UK based sports channels, newspapers and online publishers.

This led to further coverage. As the story spread, international news outlets picked up on the story, including Colombian press who were very proud to feature their player being recognised.

The campaign hit the jackpot when Rene Higuita was featured on Colombian national television, thanking the Footy Boots fans for choosing him.

We duly followed up by getting an interview directly with Rene Higuita which added more fuel to the story.

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The Results

The campaign went mainstream. The two key objectives of the campaign were surpassed:

Hedgehog worked with Footy Boots to increase brand awareness, improve their authority in the search engines and gain high-quality links pointing to their website.

The story positioned Footy Boots as a major publisher within the football sector, opened up lots of new opportunities and gained several high-quality links to their website.

As well as being featured on websites like the BBC, SkySports and Loaded, international sites also picked it up, such as La Gazzetta Dello Sport and Globo Esporte.

It was featured in print by The Daily Mirror, The Star and in football magazines: Shoot! and Match.

The icing on the cake was being featured on Colombian TV with Rene Higuita commenting on his victory and thanking Footy Boots.

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