Content Marketing and an Online Presence

A leading national cleaning company business wanted to increase their online presence to drive more business. We updated the website with Calls to Action to encourage the user to take the first steps in becoming a customer. We also implemented a content marketing strategy on their blog. This produced quality content that showcased their brand authority and acted as a vehicle for keywords and authoritative links.

Operating in a highly competitive sector, this cleaning company has worked hard to retain its position as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry

Due to the competitive nature of their industry, the client wishes to remain anonymous.

Since they began three decades ago, the business has expanded to establish regional offices across England and Scotland.

Our Role

Content Marketing, Cleaning Service SEO.

Project Highlights

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What They Wanted

Initially, our client was seeking help to develop an SEO strategy to increase their online presence. The company was looking to grow their business and were, therefore, looking for a cost-effective method of generating new enquiries.

They recognised that digital was the way to achieve this and came to us initially seeking help to develop an SEO strategy to increase their online presence.

The Challenge

The cleaning sector is very competitive, particularly in some of the high volume locations our client services. The sector sees a high turnover of businesses breaking into and falling out of the industry. Therefore, the priority for our client was to ensure they had a constant supply of new enquiries to stay ahead of the competition.

Constantly Updated SEO Strategy

The company had previously tried a number of marketing methods to reach new audiences and generate enquiries for the brand; including direct mail, telecanvassing, PR and email marketing.

To achieve their goal of creating a strong digital presence which increased enquiry generation, we took a five-step approach detailed below.

This strategy has been consistently updated and maintained throughout the ten years we have been working with the client and will continue to be cultivated throughout our ongoing relationship with the business. Our SEO strategy places the client’s website in front of the right people exactly when they need them. So, when a potential customer makes a search for cleaning services, they find our client.

Encouraging Customer Contact

We increased the number of call to actions (CTAs) throughout the site. These CTAs worked to encourage visitors to enquire about the cleaning services.

A primary example of this was the addition of a prominent enquiry form on the homepage; immediately encouraging visitors to get in touch with and begin the process of becoming a customer.

To further encourage more conversions, we integrated a chatbot within the site, meaning any visitor to their website would be able to instantly contact a member of staff to discuss their needs.

Topic Cluster Content Strategy

To increase online presence and develop our clients brand authority, we created a content marketing strategy to implement within the brand’s blog.

This strategy was based on the concept of topic clusters. Producing quality content based on the specialist areas of cleaning that the business operates in.

This content marketing strategy works to grow the brand authority and showcase their expert industry knowledge, while also acting as a vehicle for SEO keywords and the generation of authoritative links.

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The Results

The strategy to date has seen traffic to their site more than double, leading to their enquiry generation rising by more than 2.5 times over the past twelve months.

Our cleaning client will continue to be seen by the right people, people that are ready to convert into customers.

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