Founded in 1987, Pampili is recognised worldwide as one of the most affectionately loved brands in the girl's footwear sector. 

With a presence in over 50 countries, Pampili produces over 5 million pairs of shoes per year.

What they wanted

Pampili challenged us to improve visibility in organic results for generic (non-brand) terms.

Pampili have a strong brand and were well represented in the search engines when people conducted searches, including their brand name. 

The opportunity for significant growth was with non branded searches. Generic searches we knew people were making for girls footwear.

What We Did

The first step was to perform a full SEO audit, including market and competitor analysis. 

From the result, the study guided our strategic and tactical plan for the project.

This included:

  • Technical audit focused on Google quality guidelines
  • Keyword research and selection of the most relevant terms
  • Product and category page optimisation following best SEO practices
  • Internal link structure optimisation
  • Brand mention tracking
  • Gaining links in niche blog news portals
  • Monthly perfomance reports

"By starting the project with a full SEO Audit, we were able to identify the opportunities quickly. Then we created a plan to achieve the objectives."

The Results

We increased visibility by more than 300% with generic keywords like: Kids Boot, Kids Sneaker and Girls Sandal.

Organic Search Traffic Increased 77% year on year.
Transaction volume from organic search users increased by 138% compared to the previous year.
The organic traffic conversion rate also increased by double digits, 22% year on year.

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