Driving enquiry generation in an oversaturated market

Driving enquiry generation in an oversaturated market

Duke and Duchess is a regional driving school servicing the Bedfordshire area, primarily targeting a 17-20 year old market.

Facing an overcrowded market filled with stuffy, dated driving schools, Duke and Duchess wanted to stand out and reach their core audience.

They were already generating good levels of engagement from their Facebook page but recognised that their website and search presence could help them drive more business.

When Duke and Duchess came to us, they were looking for an updated website.

One that would increase engagement from new young drivers, raise their brand awareness in new regions and increase enquiries from potential new instructors.

Project type

Website Re-development

Our role

SEO , Website Design, UX Design



Project highlights

We knew our work with Duke and Duchess would lead to great results, and we weren’t disappointed. They saw an exponential rise in qualified traffic to their site, leading to an incredible growth in enquiries.

The driving school landscape is incredibly oversaturated, especially in their local town of Bedford.

For Duke and Duchess, our primary challenge was to make them stand out from the crowd and inspire young people to choose Duke and Duchess for their driving lessons. Our secondary focus was to appeal to potential driving instructors to join Duke and Duchess’s team to expand the company.

Concept Design

We created a concept which centred entirely on Duke and Duchess’s core audience of 17-20 year olds; establishing Duke and Duchess as the driving school ‘For a New Generation’.

We already knew that their core audience wanted to learn to drive, we didn’t need to convince them of that. But, what we needed to do was make Duke and Duchess appeal to those eager prospective drivers. Our concept positioned Duke and Duchess as the driving school speaking directly to the Gen-Z audience in a way that reflects the way Gen-Z communicates themselves. This approach set Duke and Duchess apart from their competition, their Gen-Z orientated tone of voice was matched by a fresh, modern website that reinvented the driving school aesthetic

Colours & Typography

We chose some catchy colors to maximize attention on the key actions, while keeping typography simple and in style.


Raleway 100


Raleway 300


Raleway 600


Raleway 900


Open Sans 100


Open Sans 300


Open Sans 600


Open Sans 900





We started by looking at how young people use the internet to find a driving school.

Amongst other things, this in-depth research turned up over 100 keywords related to the services Duke and Duchess provided.

After looking at the monthly volume of search traffic these keywords gathered, and how relevant they were to the core audience of Duke and Duchess, we wittled our list down to 20 keywords that were highly relevant to our client.

As Duke and Duchess are a regional driving school, our key focus was local SEO.

Using tools such as Google My Business helped us to improve the client’s local performance, both in Bedford and in the new areas they wanted to expand into.

We wanted to get Duke and Duchess ranking at the top of the results page for location based keywords, so prospective drivers in Bedford and the surrounding area would see Duke and Duchess first when they began their search for a driving school.

As Part Of Our Page-By-Page SEO Optimisation, We Ensured Each Page Of The Duke And Duchess Site Was Targeting A Main Keyword.

This meant that when prospective drivers landed on the site from Google, they were shown information relating exactly to the keywords they’d searched for.

This helped to build Duke and Duchess’s authority as a reliable source of quality information about learning to drive. To make Duke and Duchess the driving school ‘For a New Generation’, we overhauled their aesthetic, making it cleaner, more modern and more vibrant.

Using hand drawn graphics on the imagery and bright, fresh colours throughout the site, set Duke and Duchess apart from the cliched ‘holding a driving certificate next to the instructor’s car’ images that dominate the driving school industry.

A Key Part Of The Site’s Rebranding Was The Establishment Of Duke And Duchess’s Student, Parent And Instructor Hubs.

The student and parent hubs featured content answering common questions, offering support and providing extra information for prospective and current drivers and their parents.

The instructor hub was established to drive engagement from potential new instructors considering joining the Duke and Duchess team. This pillar of the website worked to satisfy the client’s secondary goal of growing their team of instructors; it also helped to further grow their position as an authoritative source for information about all aspects of driving.

And, of course, all the content was optimised for SEO; using popular keywords to boost Duke and Duchess in the Google rankings. Each step of our journey with Duke and Duchess took us closer to the ultimate goal of establishing the driving school as a fresh, youthful voice speaking directly to Gen-Z in a stuffy, overcrowded market.

The Outcome

The student and parent hubs worked to establish Duke and Duchess as the people making learning to drive a calm, relaxed experience. Targeted local SEO strategies ensured Duke and Duchess were being seen by the right audiences, exactly when they needed the driving school’s services.

The overhauled website gave Duke and Duchess a site which looks clean and modern, with a tone of voice that speaks directly to the Gen-Z audience. Working closely with the client, we repositioned Duke and Duchess as the driving school ‘For a New Generation’; one that is personable, reliable and relatable to the Gen-Z audience.

The Result

We knew our work with Duke and Duchess would lead to great results, and we weren’t disappointed. They saw an exponential rise in qualified traffic to their site, leading to an incredible growth in enquiries.

The results surpassed the client’s expectations as well, they said; “We don’t need to look at the data, we know it’s worked because the phone hasn’t stopped ringing off the hook.”

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