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The Client

Established in 2008, they have featured within industry and mainstream media due to their revolutionary iPad-controlled Smart APP-artment. An award-winning experience centre with seamless technology threaded through every room.

The Challenge

Cornflake expressed from the very beginning that they needed a creative platform/hub that generated high-end leads.

Whilst behaving as an extension of themselves; a showcase and translation of their uniqueness, versatility and creativity.

Cornflake didn’t want to look anything like a techy AV company. With ‘Not Me Too’ front of mind, Hedgehog and Cornflake looked to redefine high-end technology integration and
produce something so different that Cornflake’s reputation and brand would be visually elevated to a new level.

This project kick-started with the ‘Premium’ Discovery Session.

We met Cornflake at their showhome in London for an intensive, whole-day discovery session.

Five of Cornflake’s management team attended the session including department heads, managers and CEO’s. Gathering the top-level members of a company in the same room is an important part of this process. An intern was also invited to attend and contribute ideas. As per usual company structure, each person will have their own specialism within the company and in turn, their own opinions, outlooks and insights into the company are absolute gold with any form of marketing.

Hedgehog’s Creative led the day following a tight schedule packed with focused exercises for the entire group to partake in.

Prior to visiting Cornflake in London, we prepared our tailored discovery session based on overarching goals taken from an initial consultation.

Nearly 8 hours worth of inquisitive exercises and questions were included.

From in-depth audience analysis to brand attributes and aligning project goals. Each set of exercises were designed to draw out real insights and inner truths from Cornflake that will set the foundation of their project and define its direction.

When we arrived at Cornflake, we had some short introductions before the day commenced.

The session was dynamic and animated;

full of ideas, conversation, discussion and most importantly affirmed truthful insights about their company, industry and audience that we wouldn’t have captured anywhere else. Discovery sessions bring everyone’s different perspectives, ideas and answers into one room.

They also clarify and unify the aims and outcomes of the project so that both Hedgehog and Cornflake are on the same page. Most importantly, no one knows Cornflake’s business, industry and audience better than Cornflake themselves.

Once the intense day was over, we headed back to the office to develop a raw brief.

All the notes, rough ideas and insights are recorded in a deck as soon as possible to capture the information when it was fresh. A raw brief develops and aligns the project direction and is further expanded upon by Hedgehog in-house.

From this, a comprehensive summary is put together that acts as a solid foundation, concept and reference for design, copy, branding, campaigns, websites, the list goes on.

The results

A partnership between Cornflake and Hedgehog that is creating a creative platform like no other in the AV industry. Cornflake’s discovery is a diverse marketing tool that encourages clarity and confidence within the company, brand and future.

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