At hedgehog digital, our Blogs provide you with the tools to publish or share information on any topic: products and services, projects, news or industry information. By keeping your blog updated regularly with fresh content, your blog will also act as a very effective SEO tool which can ultimately bring more traffic to your site.

When designing and developing your blog, we will work closely with you to ensure you receive a product you are completely happy with. If you’re having a blog as an add-on to the rest of your site, we will make sure it retains the same style and format as your original website.

As part of your blog package ,hedgehog digital includes in-house training, we will teach you how to use your blog and write blog posts in the most effective way for your visitors and search engines, without the need for technical knowledge or a third party.

There are many different types of blog, for example:

  • Corporate: is usually used purely for business purposes as away of companies keeping their customers informed.
  • Personal: A personal blog is written by an individual in the style of an on-going diary.
  • Blogs by Genre: A blog can be created for just about any genre, from politics to celebrity.

hedgehog digital’s business blogs can be a hosted web log service, enabling users to publish content on the Internet easily. A blog can be a website in itself, or an add-on to your existing website.


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