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Your Headshot Photo in Google

An introduction on headshot photo's displaying in Google.

The little headshot picture alongside a search listing on Google is becoming a more familiar sight as Google have introduced Google Authorship.

Headshot Photo

A Google Employee example of a Headshot Photo

The basic premise of how it works is simple, though making it happen is a little more complex.

Pepe is an expert on such matters as his company provides a service which takes fantastic photo’s for people to use on their social media accounts, here’s his explanation on how it works…

To understand the association required to link your website / blog to display your headshot picture is straightforward. You simply link from your blog (or your website), to your Google Plus Profile. Then you link from your Google Plus Profile back to your blog / website.

This link exchange verifies to Google that you are the owner of that Google Plus Profile an that you author your blog.

The concept is simple, the process to do this with Google is unusually complex. So I have created a How To article that explains the process here –

It requires a small piece of code to be associated with your posts on your articles so Google knows who has authored the post. Each time your write an article and the small snippet of code is present, it connects this article with your Google Plus Profile, which in turn asks Google to display your headshot photo with the article when the search engine lists your website for a given search.

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