will digg really update the diggbar?

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the new DiggBar and Digg’s shorten URL service and how unpopular it became within the Digg community, not so much for the shorten URL service, that seems to be working just fine and Twhirl is now using the same service.

Digg promised to release an update to the DiggBar that would solve all the problems regarding link juice, link credits and indexing of the shortened URLs, so far nothing happened, what a surprise.

The post on Digg’s official blog says that the DiggBar was created to improve user experience and that the vast majority of Digg users find it valuable but if you look at the comments on the same subject posted on Digg you will see that Digg users have a totally different opinion to it.

I’m one those users who don’t approve of this framed content format that Digg is using, this weekend I came across a very interesting post about how to block the DiggBar and here it is, check it out and tell me what you think, will Digg really update the DiggBar?

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