What Your Customers Say About You Online is Becoming More Important

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Jupiter research has found that content created by your customers is beginning to have an effect on online purchasing.

“The power of the consumer’s voice has never been stronger,” said David Daniels, Vice President and Research Director at JupiterResearch. “It is impacting consumer behaviour and how companies operate. Smart marketers are not just reviewing consumer-created content, they are studying it and using it to develop strategies to grow their business.”

Some of the interesting stat’s include…

* 77% of online shoppers use consumer generated product reviews and those that find them useful are more likely to be loyal to recommended stores.

* Consumers who post feedback on forums – positive or negative – spend 22% more online than others.

* Companies are getting wise to the impact of consumer generated content too. 90% of large companies believe that consumer recommendations are important in influencing other consumers’ purchase decisions.

My personal experience bears this out. For example, I have used customer reviews on Amazon to decide which book is better on a particular topic and also in deciding which particular piece of computer hardware to buy.

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