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What is Blogging?

What is Blogging?

Well it’s one of those services which has picked up a lot of momentum of late, but has actually been around for some time. Blog, is actually short for web log, and is a web application that contains periodic posts from the authors of the blog and can receive comments back from its readers.

The blog can be a collection of private or public thoughts and opinions, a daily update, a weekly review, or perhaps the latest announcement from your company.

So why are blogs becoming so popular?

Of course with anything new they have wide appeal. With the internet being the medium for blogs, common and niche subjects alike, can find their way to the correct audience via search engines, word of mouth, or other market methods.

More and more companies are turning to blogs as a way of distributing the messages about their products, services or industry.

Here’s three reasons why businesses are turning to blogs.

1. They’re very quick and easy: Blogs collect relevant information and present it in an easy-to-read format. Users can search a specific blog and feel confident that they have a good idea of what’s happening on the project, in their company or in their industry.

2.They provide a central source: Blogs put information in a central location, making it highly accessible to large numbers of visitors. The information is stored in a searchable format for future reference. This is useful when a visitor wants to find some information from a previous period, or wants to review information available about a particular subject or trend.

3.They create a community of knowledge: Blogs let visitors share, discuss, annotate and edit information. This interactive use highlights the value of the information and allows users to be effective in identifying their required information.

What’s even better, they are incredibly easy to use and manage, needing no technical skills. What’s more, companies can be up and running with a blog in next to no time.

Alan Spurgeon, Managing Director of TH UK says “Blogs can make your website more interesting and unique. Anyone who needs to maintain a web presence will welcome it with open arms. Blogs also provide another key role in online marketing, which very quickly become sources of knowledge. This really does benefit a websites ranking with search engines, because content is king when search engines look to rank a website”.

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