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Web Design, Getting Bigger

web design getting biggerWhen creating a new website, most designs are created with users of screen resolution 800 x 600 pixels. have released some statistics that show that in the UK, only 15% of internet users, now have the 800 x 600 screen resolution. The majority of UK internet users now use a 1024 x 768 setting.

Two important consideration you want to make when designing your website are;

1. Don’t make the the page too big
2. Don’t make the page too small

If a page is too big, it may scroll horizontally. Users will have to scroll repeatedly just to read a line of text, or find important links. if it’s too small, you iwll be missing out on important page space, which may harm navigation and make it difficult for the visitor to access that all important information.

Ideally a website should be usable at 800 X 600 but look at its best at 1024 X 768.

The most popular screen resolutions on the web in the UK are:
1. 1024 x 768 58.90%
2. 800 x 600 15.38%
3. 1280 x 1024 12.90%
4. 1280 x 800 4.07%
5. 1152 x 864 3.08%


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