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Volvo Increases SEO and Social Media Marketing Budget

The car brand has decided to focus their marketing budget on natural search and social media marketing to reinforce its ‘Life is better lived together’ brand positioning.

Last year Volvo spent £19.75m on advertising, excluding paid search and internet accounted for just 3% of this, or £695,500.

Volvo UK’s head of marketing communications, Anita Fox said that while the car company has reduced its overall marketing spend, channels such as natural search and social media have seen their budgets increased.

‘While we’ve always focused on SEO, as we revise budgets we’re putting more focus on the digital area, including natural search and social media.’

Fox said the success of last year’s Creative 30 campaign, in which it partnered with The Independent and Yahoo to look for creative stars of the future and get involved with a younger audience, had convinced Volvo of the effectiveness of a social-media focused marketing approach.

‘This is an area that’s growing rapidly. You can’t get the same reach for the same budgets now as you would this time last year. This year we’re taking what we’ve learned from the C30 campaign and going much wider.’

Volvo’s focus on social media reflects the car brand’s new ‘Life is better lived together’ slogan.

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