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Twitter: When, How Often + Other Insights

According to some very interesting research from social media scientist Dan Zarrella, there is a strategy that can help you develop your Twitter communications.

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Depending on your objectives, by following certain protocol you can achieve your targets with some simple rules.

Want to Increase Your Twitter Following?

Tweet often says Zarrella’s research.

Twitter accounts with the most followers tend to Tweet over twenty times per day.

Want to Drive More Traffic to Your Website?

Overdoing Tweets with links slows the flow.

Tweeters that publish over two links per hour get a lower click through rate than those who are more conservative with the link outs.

Furthermore, your best option is to add the link at the front end of your Tweet, it’s proven to increase the click-through.

When is Best to Tweet?

The afternoon is a good time to Tweet when others have gone quiet.

You’re more likely to get retweeted late in the working day – around 4pm is ‘Happy Hour’.

Late in the week is more productive too.

And don’t forget the weekends.

When your competition are refuelling, you can steal a march by being active on Twitter.

Weekend mornings see’s Twitter links soar along with comments.

Retweet and Repeat

Got something good to say, then keep saying it.

Only small segments of your followers will see your first Tweet so send it again and again. Three times is said to be ideal.

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