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Search Engine Marketers Love Google Trends

Search Engine MarketersGoogle hit the press again his week with the release of their new Google Trends tool.

Google Labs have this week released Google Trends. Its a tool which lets you find out how many searches have been conducted for a given term. You can set the search to look back as far as 2004, with monthly figures available for 2005 and 2006. Of more use is the comparative trend option, where you can compare the trends for up to 5 terms.The tool also lets you view the data by region, or language.

The reports are a useful addittion to the Search Engine Marketers toolbox, who will be able to compare keywords, brands and view seasonal peaks and troughs.

This example plots the trends of the conservative party (in blue) and the labour party (in red), with a filter to show the United Kingdom’s searches. It shows the labour party have received more searches, but look at the peak during the last election in May 05!

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