Survival Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an area of online marketing that doesn’t stop growing, with more and more users joining social networking sites every day, such popularity and increasing numbers of users has been drawing  attention from marketers around the globe for quite some time.

Social media marketing is the process of promoting a site, business or brand through social networking sites like FaceBook, Myspace, Twitter or through blogs and forums.

The main idea is to engage and interact with potential costumers while at the same is very useful in a search engine optimisation campaign, because it enables marketers to build links, increase brand awareness and receive large amounts of traffic to their site, when their content becomes popular.

Social Media Marketing is not as complicated as many people think, follow these simple guidelines and you should be on the right tracks with your social media marketing campaign.

With so many social networking sites nowadays is it very important to identify which sites are suitable for your industry. Here is a list of social media sites categorized by niche to help you identify which sites are suitable for your industry.

Now that you have identified which social media sites are suitable for you industry it is time to start building your network of friends, analyze who are the top users and ask them to be your friends also look for those users that share the same interests as you do, these users are more likely to become your friends in the beginning.

Finally spend some time understanding how the community works, what kind of content gets popular, what are the latest trends and based on that create unique and authoritative content, because in the end of the day “content is king”.

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