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Buzz has been coming from the top social networking communities, from framed content to who will be the first to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. Here is a quick a round up of what’s been going on.

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Leading the pack we have Digg who launched the DiggBar and shortened URLs services. Unlike other short URL services, instead of redirecting to the long url version of the page it redirects users to a Digg page with an iframe wrapper with the DiggBar on the top. From there Digg users can Digg and comment on the story, very handy for Digg users, but not so much for site and blog owners especially from an SEO point of view.

With this Digg is keeping all the traffic and link credit within its own “ecosystem”. This did not go down very well with the Digg community and according to a post from search engine land and Digg’s official blog new implementations are scheduled for next week. Once again Digg’s community showed its power and forced Digg to rethink its strategies. Can you imagine the reaction if Google decided to do the same and frame all the content so users would visit the pages without leaving Google’s domain?


Meanwhile, in the Twitter realm, there is a competition going on to see who will be the first Twitter user to reach the mark of 1 million followers. Two users are fighting for the title, on the blue corner with 937,977 we have Ashton Kutcher and on the red corner with 957,274 followers we have CNN. Numbers could be higher now as their numbers still keep rising.

It all started with a video posted by Ashton Kutcher promising to “Punk” Ted Turner if he beats CNN to a million followers on Twitter. Since then things went mad in the “Twitterspheare” , Larry King posted a video in response to Ashton’s video. To aid Kutcher EA Games has upped the ante and tweeted out if Kutcher beats CNN it will put Kutcher’s 1 millionth follower in a future EA game. It certainly will be fun the watch the next days as both users are close the 1 million mark.


On the other side of the web, StumbleUpon has been bought out of Ebay by original founders and investors. Back in 2007, Ebay bought StumbleUpon for $75 million and that was the minimum bid Ebay was looking for but according to market specialists numbers could’ve been lower than the minimum asked.

That is it for now, hope you enjoyed this social media round up and feel free to add your thoughts below in our comments section.

P.S: Ashton Kutcher beat CNN and is the first Twitter user to reach 1 million followers, now one lucky Twitter will have his face featured on EA’s The Sims 3 which is due to release later this year!

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